Why Stamford American International School Singapore is the Top Choice for Your Child’s Education!

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Stamford American International School offers a holistic education for students from 2 months to 18 years of age. It is the first and only school in Singapore to offer Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) and Business and Technical Education Council (BTEC) Diploma curricula, together with a US-accredited High School Diploma. As an inclusive school, Stamford American is also home to over 75 different nationalities and was recently awarded Silver at the inaugural Honeykids’ Singapore Education Awards 2021 in the category of International School of the Year.

It was awarded based on their focus on sustainability, inclusivity, and academic excellence. The award also recognised their emphasis on personalized learning, the multiple pathways offered for student success, a deep commitment to well-being and the strong relationship they enjoy with their families.

The school’s overall performance speaks volumes and has consistently improved year-on-year. Despite the unprecedented challenges posed by a global pandemic, Stamford American students continued to achieve strong results in the IB DP and AP exams. Their sixth graduating cohort has achieved a 100% passing rate on the IB exams with an average score of 35, three points higher than a year ago. The exam average of 5.6 (out of 7) was also higher than in any previous years. Nearly 90% of the diploma students achieved at least a score of a 6 or above, universally accepted as a very strong exam score.

20% of total IB test-takers scored 40 points or higher, and two scored a near-perfect score of 44 against 45. 40 points considered an outstanding achievement. Upholding Stamford’s reputation as a truly international and diverse community, 29% of their students have been awarded the rigorous IB Bilingual Diploma.

The Class of 2021 Advanced Placement Program students have achieved an average score of 3.3, with over 70% of the exam scores being a 3 or above. Universities around the world consider a score of 3 or above on one of these exams as evidence of high academic standing. An indication of the strength of the AP Program at Stamford is that in 90% of their AP subjects, over half the candidates scored a 3 or above.

BTEC students have also accomplished great results in the first year of the programme, with two students earning a Distinction and a Merit respectively for BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Performing Arts: Acting.

To date, the Class of 2021 has received offers from Universities and Colleges in 18 different countries, with notable acceptances from Boston University, New York University, University of California Los Angeles, University of California Berkeley, Imperial College, University of Amsterdam, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University amongst others.

Stamford American is also one of the few schools in Singapore with onsite SAT and ACT test centers, offering college preparatory tests for secondary students from Grade 10. They have a dedicated Academic and College Counseling Team that is tuned in to the requirements of universities all over the world.

They also offer a boarding program for international students who have immediate families that reside in another country. For their safety and wellbeing, the boarding program provides students with a family atmosphere that is safe, secure and caring, with a diverse community of friends.

“As an inclusive school, we welcome students from all different backgrounds. This is reflected from admissions to the school to our vision of inspiring students to create their unique future. Every student at Stamford American is treated as a unique individual and is given the direction, counsel and support to discover her or his own potential for greatness. All of us at the school are committed to encouraging a lifelong love for learning. We want to give our students the skills they will need to face the ups and downs on their path to becoming outstanding global citizens.”

“The college counseling support was just unreal. Mr. Gavin Fuller was so supportive throughout the whole process and especially because my plans were pretty fluid and I was unsure at the start, but he was always there for me. He quickly adapted to the different ideas I had, the different routes I had in mind. He’d sit down with me, helped me go through requirements; even just at the level of understanding – I was occasionally really overwhelmed with meeting grade requirements, and he’d give me a pep talk. And if I’m in tears, he’d just sit me down in his office and tell me “You can do this”. We’d plan for all the different essays and interviews I’d have to do. I couldn’t have done it without any of the support and help he gave me throughout these two years.”

– Trisha, Stamford American graduate

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