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Burger King’s Cheesy Sensation Takes Thailand by Storm

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Is it an insane amount of cheese… or just insane? Social media in Thailand has been abuzz with Burger King’s “Real Cheeseburger” that just launched there.

In a bizarre move, Burger King has created a stir in Thailand with its latest creation: a burger that boasts no meat but an astonishing amount of cheese. Introducing the “real cheeseburger,” the Thai operator of the well-known fast-food chain has crafted (if you can really use that word) a bun packed with a jaw-dropping 20 slices of American cheese, enticing cheese lovers and social media enthusiasts alike.

Priced at a greatly reduced introductory rate of 109 Thai baht (RM14.50) compared to the usual 380 baht (RM50.50), the real cheeseburger hit Thai menus on Sunday, instantly capturing the attention of online communities. TikTok and other social media users were quick to jump on the trend, sharing videos of themselves indulging in this cheesy horror show.

Burger King took to social media, stating, “This is no joke. This is for real,” as the cheesy creation garnered rapid popularity across the country. The demand was so high that one Burger King branch in Bangkok even had to temporarily halt delivery orders to ensure enough stock remained for walk-in customers.

Among the adventurous patrons was Im Jeepetch, a 25-year-old IT engineer, who decided to try the real cheeseburger after spotting it on social media. While she admitted to loving cheese, she found the amount overwhelming. “I could only finish half of it,” she confessed, wiping her mouth with a tissue. Im remarked, “This is an insane amount of cheese added into one burger. Food is good when things are at the right combination.”

Im concluded that she likely wouldn’t order the gooey treat again, opting for her usual double cheese Angus burger instead. Another customer, Alisa Chuengviroj, a 26-year-old entrepreneur, echoed Im’s sentiments, describing the cheeseburger as “too intense” and expressing a preference for a more moderate amount of cheese on her burger.

This much processed cheese cannot be good for one’s digestive system | Image Credit: Lifestyle Asia

Lifestyle Asia piled on, too:

Now, make way for the latest food crime. Burger King, who not so long ago also served chocolate burgers for a hot minute, is now serving what they’re calling the “Real Cheeseburger.” That doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Maybe, but not until you realise that it’s merely 20 slices of cheese between burger buns. 

This is obviously just some sort of marketing ploy (we’ve obviously fallen for it because we’re writing about it)—or could it actually taste good by some sort of miracle? Well, we’ve done the research and tried the burger for ourselves, and we’re here to tell you the verdict. Yeah, it sucks.

Cheese is great, but this…? Yikes. | Image Credit: Burger King

This menu addition exemplifies the trend of fast-food franchises worldwide, aiming to make waves by introducing unique and attention-grabbing options that can go viral on social media. In the United States, Burger King has seen success with its flame-grilled signature beef burger, the Whopper, which gained traction on platforms like TikTok through a catchy commercial jingle.

In Thailand, fast-food chains tailor their offerings to cater to local tastes. Cheese holds particular popularity among young customers, with the dairy product often added to various dishes. Burger King’s menu in the country reflects this preference, including items like salmon katsu burgers, offering a healthy alternative to beef.

For our part, given the high price of cheese in the region, we might consider buying the burger (though only at the promotional price), binning the bun, and using the 20 slices of cheese at home. But actually eating this thing? No thanks.

Burger King in Thailand is owned by Minor International, a prominent local hospitality group and one of Asia’s largest restaurant owners. The introduction of the real cheeseburger showcases their commitment to captivating consumers’ palates by embracing innovative and unconventional menu choices.


Whether this cheesy sensation will continue to tantalize Thai taste buds or become a fleeting trend, one thing is certain: Burger King’s real cheeseburger has made a memorable impression on the nation’s culinary landscape, forever engraving itself in the realm of weird and wonderful fast-food offerings.

As Wendy’s, circa 1984, might have asked: “Where’s the beef?

Reporting by CNN Asia contributed to this article.

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