Mooncake Fair: Mid-Autumn Festival Treats for Everyone

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To learn more about this important festival, or just to get into the spirit and pick up some special mooncakes, head to Pavilion Bukit Jalil this month!

As the Mid-Autumn Festival draws near, Pavilion Bukit Jalil is here to make your mooncake search a breeze. Going on now until October 1st, 2023, the Mooncake Fair at Pavilion Bukit Jalil will feature an extensive selection of over 20 mooncake options that are suitable for everyone, including Muslim-friendly, halal, and non-halal choices.

If you’re seeking a personal touch, Wishful Gifting offers mooncake gift boxes that include a heartfelt message along with blooming flower-scented tea, a ceramic saucer, an unscented tealight candle, and a reusable paper lantern.

Every year, it seems like there’s a fresh new range of creative mooncake options available, some of which truly push the boundaries! This year, COFFEEPII presents mooncake gift boxes with unique chewable coffee candies in cappuccino and mocha flavors. Casahana’s premium gift sets offer an array of mooncake flavors, from sweet to savory, including toffee butterscotch and sakura shrimp sambal.

For a touch of Disney magic, Mew Market’s mooncake boxes feature beloved Disney characters. Oversea’s baked collection, lava mooncake collection, and premium gift sets promise a thrilling taste adventure.

Tai Thong offers a diverse range of mooncakes, including blueberry, honey, lemon, and cendol with white coconut flavors. JDX introduces a tea-rrific lineup, featuring specialty mooncakes like chrysanthemum Pu’er and oolong pomegranate. Bake by La Petite’s 3D Mooncake combines traditional layer cakes with a visually stunning twist.

Imperial Patisserie’s 2023 Mooncake Collection boasts low-sugar options and a partnership with Hong Kong superstar Louis Koo. Mizicor offers fruity and tea series mooncakes, including mango passion, premium Musang King durian, uji matcha, and avocado coconut.

Palace 8 crafts handcrafted mooncakes like palace golden phoenix and palace jade single yolk. Durian enthusiasts will appreciate Durian Baby & Friends’ Blackthorn & Musang King durian snow skin premium gift box and Duria’s Musang King snow skin mooncake.

DKING’s limited-edition mooncake game box promises family fun with rich and creamy Musang King durian mooncakes.

For non-halal treats, Grand Harbour offers artisanal mooncake flavors like Supreme Nuts with Yam. Oloiya’s Hup Ga Foon mooncake bundles feature salted egg bakkwa and duck teochew bakkwa.

Herbal Farmer provides nutritious snacks, revitalizing herbal soups, and supplements like their signature Qianli Mingmu Tea. Yuniku offers exclusive handmade bag collections, allowing you to customize size, design, and fabric.


Hoong Yuung presents sweet taro puffs, deep-fried to perfection and filled with smooth yam goodness. Pro Sinar’s diverse lantern collection adds a vibrant touch to your celebrations.

Additionally, you can join the Mid Autumn Marketplace at Pavilion Bukit Jalil from September 22nd to 24th, 2023, at PIAZZA, Level 3. Explore over 60 exciting booths offering mooncakes, fashion, fragrances, furniture, and more. Don’t miss the illuminating Lantern Parade on September 23rd, featuring live entertainment.

Spend and receive fantastic Pesta Mid-Autumn Gifts until September 24th, 2023, when you spend RM100, RM300, or RM500 in a single receipt, including a Chinese tea pack, colorful animal-shaped lantern, or two Lily fish in a tank.

Wishing everyone a delightful Mid-Autumn Festival!

*Please note that certain transactions and receipts are not eligible for redemption.

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