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Penang Finding Success in Tackling Its Stray Dog Problems

Image Credit: Malay Mail
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The Penang Island City Council recently shared stories of the ongoing success of its collaborative initiative to deal humanely with Penang’s many stray dogs.

In a concerted effort to advance animal welfare, the Penang Island City Council has disclosed its successful neutering of 6,046 stray and abandoned dogs from 2018 to Jan 31, 2024, through its Trap-Neuter-Release (or Rehome) programme (TNR).

Collaborating with the Independent Aid for Protection and Welfare of Animals (IAPWA) Penang, the council formalized this initiative via a memorandum of understanding on Aug 17, 2017. The programme’s aim is to manage the population of stray and ‘free roaming’ dogs on the island (feral, or ‘street dogs’), addressing both community health and animal welfare concerns.

IAPWA has done laudable work towards reining in Penang’s stray dog population | Image Credit: IAPWA

An awareness campaign held on February 4 in Island Glades sought to enlighten the community on the significance of the TNR programme. This comes on the heels of several reported incidents of stray dogs being intentionally poisoned by people in the community last year.

City Council Mayor Datuk A. Rajendran, in his address, praised the council’s dedication to controlling the stray and abandoned dog population.

“This programme is crucial to ensure the pets are maintained in a healthy condition while mitigating the risk of animal-related diseases and fostering a conducive environment for the residents,” he stated, as reported by Buletin Mutiara.

Rajendran also urged pet owners to register and license their pets, emphasizing the affordability and convenience of the process through the online portal www.ulesen.mbpp.gov.my.

The event saw a generous contribution of RM50,000 each from Pentamaster and the Penang Island City Council to IAPWA, bolstering the TNR programme’s operations for 2024.

Image Credit: IAPWA

Reflecting on her past role as Penang Island City councillor and sub-committee chairman for Stray and Abandoned Dogs, Seri Delima assemblyman Connie Tan Hooi Peng expressed pride in the support and collaboration witnessed during the programme.

“As the first local council in Peninsular Malaysia to implement the TNR programme, we have set an example for many states since its establishment in 2018. Once again, Penang leads the way in safeguarding and fostering a healthy environment for all, including managing the population of stray and abandoned dogs,” she remarked.

The event encompassed various activities, including a mobile dog licensing counter, a dog adoption programme, and a colouring contest for children, drawing participation from approximately 100 children.

Visit IAPWA Penang’s website: CLICK HERE

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