About Display Ads

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Display ads provide premium spaces around our editorial content to serve rich and engaging visuals to our readers. Think iconic images, engaging animations, episodic video clips, and beyond.

Our ad units are responsive so that the ad size is optimized for the reader’s screen. Ads are purchased on an impressions basis. Impressions refer to the number of times the ad displays to our readers. Our ad impressions only deliver when the ad appears on the screen. So you can take comfort knowing that even ads at the bottom of the page will be seen the agreed number of times.

Display Ad Options:

Leaderboard Ad: This ad unit prominently appears at the top of the page spanning the full width of the page. Dimensions: (1140 x 90) (970 x 90) (728 x 90) (300 x 100)

Island ads: There are two island ad units nestled within the website’s content for organic interaction. On computer screens, the first island ad unit displays at the top of the side bar, and the second island ad unit displays beneath the side bar’s suggested content. For tablets and mobile devices, both island ad units span the full width of the page, so they can’t be missed. Dimensions: (300 x 250) (728 x 250)

Billboard Ad: This high impact ad ad unit captures the reader’s attention once they finish reading the article. This is our largest ad unit, providing ideal real estate to exhibit interactive content. Dimensions: (1140 x 250) (970 x 250) (728 x 250) (300 x 250)

Display Ads - Expat Go Malaysia - 8 Apr 15


You can also communicate your product through sponsored content and email marketing.

If you’d like to discuss these advertising options or learn about our special packages, email us at [email protected]

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