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Sponsored stories are a powerful way to engage our readers on ExpatGo.com. We write, publish, and promote a story that thematically aligns with your marketing objective. These customized posts are designed to bridge the gap between our readers’ interests and your product or service.

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Sponsored Stories: Value Delivered

Our promotional strategies ensure a minimum number of readers will click into your story within one month. We will give you a report based on ‘Google Analytics’ – an independent tracking software so you know how many people click into the story and the average time they spend reading it.

Below is the range of monthly stats taken of sponsored stories. This helps give an idea of the
potential value a sponsored story can deliver for you.

Sponsored Content - REadership Engagement

You can also communicate your product through display ads and email marketing.

If you’d like to discuss these advertising options or learn about our special packages, email us at [email protected]

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