ExpatGo Destination Guide: Sabah

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Sabah, known as the “Land Below The Wind”, is situated in northern Borneo, bordering the state of Sarawak to the southwest, Kalimantan in Indonesia to the south. It is separated by sea from the Federal Territory of Labuan in the west and the Philippines to the north and east.

Kota Kinabalu is the capital city as well the economic centre for the state and the seat for the Sabah state government and other major towns in the state include Sandakan and Tawau. As of the 2015 census in Malaysia, the state’s population is 3,543,500.

Some of the state’s top attractions include the Crocker Range National Park, the Kinabatangan River – the second longest river in Malaysia – and Mount Kinabalu, which is the highest point in Sabah and the whole country of Malaysia.


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