5 Great Ways to Listen to Online Radio in Malaysia

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Internet radio allows you to listen to streaming content online. In other words, you can visit a website or application, and simply click a button to start hearing radio through the internet.

Here are some of the best options for listening to the radio online in Malaysia.

Radio Malaysia

Radio Malaysia acts as a site that hosts several radio stations and currently the site features over a 100 of them. It also lets you know the most popular stations by featuring the top five on its home page. It provides both news updates and music on its site. In addition, the site provides a lot of information about music and musicians.

There is also a chat room for members where they can discuss music and current affairs. It is a great way for Malaysians to get together and discuss things as almost all members in the chat room are from this country.

For people who do not want a huge browser on their computer when they work and simultaneously listen to music, Radio Malaysia features a mini version of its site.

Era, Hot FM, Fly FM, Red FM, Sinar FM and Hitz FM are some of the stations that feature on this website.

Visit Radio Malaysia website here.


Tunein is an online radio station that comes out as extremely well-organized and designed site. It features radio stations that are classified according to three major cities – Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, and Pinang. Each city has a dedicated tab on the website and clicking on them gives you the most popular radio stations of the city. It also features a several international radio stations. The total number of stations this site offers you is close to about 100 that are specific to Malaysia apart from the international radio stations. You can find and listen to your favorite by Malaysian radio station online by clicking on one of the three Malaysian geographic areas:

Tunein has separate tabs that are specifically meant for local music, international music, sports, and news. The site offers you a huge range of options as you click on each tab, which is pretty impressive. If you thought that was all, hold on, there is more. When you click on the “Talk” tab at the top of the homepage, you get “Spoken Radio” which features radio stations that cater to everything from religion to technology.

The services of Tunein can also be accessed through iPhone, android phones, Blackberry, and Windows phones. Apart from these, it is compatible with a huge range of connective devices. The site also hosts an international blog.


Visit Tunein website here.


Spotify was just launched in Malaysia in April 2013 and is a great platform to listen to music. Spotify isn’t traditional internet radio. Instead, it offers an enormous options of songs for streaming music and some awesome features to do this.

Even though Spotify doesn’t let you listen to specific radio stations, you have a feature to “create your own stations”, which will create a playlist of songs based on a musical artist you like. This not only a great way to listen to a variety of songs curated to your taste, but it’s also a great way to discover new songs.

Spotify has two variations – a Free Version, which is free but features ads, and a Premium version, which costs MYR 14.9 a month. Currently, they are offering a free 30-day trial (ad-free).

If you take the Premium version, you can listen to music on Spotify through any of your gadgets like smartphones and tablets that run on any of the operating systems like Android, Windows, etc.

Spotify also claims that it will encourage the local talent in Malaysia and feature local artists in its huge bank of music tracks.

Visit Spotify website here.

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The iTunes application is offered by Apple.  iTunes has a function called Radio, which allows you to listen to online radio from 25 genres.  Within each of these genres are typically hundreds of radio stations representing different parts of the genre.  Apple chose some most popular radio stations around the globe for this feature.  Since this is a streaming online radio service, all you need to do is click a station, and the music will start playing.

Download iTunes at Apple’s website here .


Direct Online Radio in Malaysia

Many Malaysian radio stations allow you to listen to their stations online directly through their websites and/or mobile applications.

Some Kuala Lumpur (Klang Valley) radio stations offering online streaming services include:

In conclusion, it must be said that online radio has come a long way in Malaysia with giants like Tunein and Spotify entering the market, and the numerous direct online listening options through radio stations’ websites, applications, and podcasts.

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Ella Kramer

I also recommend trying Torch Music, it’s not exactly radio, it’s more of a music streaming site but I think it works great. You can create your own playlists and choose what you want to listen to!

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