This is Samsung’s New Smart Watch: Galaxy Gear

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Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch

Samsung just announced its first smart watch called the Galaxy Gear.  The Galaxy Gear is the first smart watch by a major tech player and could be paving the way for a new major tech product category.

This watch is powered with Android software and syncs via bluetooth with Samsung’s new phone called the Galaxy III.  It seems the watch is not meant to be packed with features that would replace your other mobile products, but rather serve to complement them to augment functionality.

The watch has a 1.6 inch screen that shows incoming phone calls, emails, texts. It also has some apps, such as The Memographer for capturing photos and videos and the Pedometer for tracking physical activities.

Smart watches represent a major step towards wearable technology. It’s difficult to say whether the smart watch will catch on soon. However, it does seem very unlikely they would carry the same popularity as smartphones in the foreseeable future.  Watches still represent a classic fashion accessory, and it seems unlikely people will immediately replace their branded timepieces with a tech-infused watch – especially one that doesn’t really offer exceptional functionality.

What are your thoughts about the Samsung’s smart watch? Post a thought in the comments below.

Here is a video from Mashable showing the Galaxy Gear:


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Source: Business Insider, Mashable 

Photo Credit: Mashable YouTube User

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Spencer Davison

People have been hinting at Apple coming out with a smart watch for some time now. I find it very interesting that Samsung moved first. Either Apple does not see the market for it, does not feel threatened by the incumbent or they have lost some edge. Samsung is coming up strong these days, Apple cannot rest on brand image forever.

Ben Hock Seng

Thanks for the comment. I agree – I think Apple is losing some edge. It is interesting how the competitive landscape seems to be titling. At one point Apple was leading the pack, now it seems to be running side by side and maybe even behind at some points (Apple launched a smaller version of the tablet after Samsung, Apple increased the size of the iPhone screen (like Samsung), Apple is is expected to launch cheaper versions of their smartphone (like Samsung), and, as you pointed out, many think Apple will likely launch a smart watch after Samsung).

I know some Apple iPhone users here thinking to switch over to the Android Samsung phones.

I still love Apple, (its design, user experience, quality products, multi-product synergies), but Apple needs some “leaps” in innovation!

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