Leap Motion: Control Computer Apps with Hand Gestures

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Leap Motion in Use


Move over keyboards, touch pads, and the computer mouse, Leap Motion is here to make interactions with your computer much more accurate and fun. The product was launched worldwide on July 22, 2013. Leap Motion is by far the most sensitive and accurate gesture-based computer interface device out there. It is over 200 times more sensitive and accurate than similar controllers available on gaming consoles. Instead of just clicking on things and typing, you can now pick up, grab, put down, move, and slide icons on your computer just like you can in real life.

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What is the Leap Motion Controller?

The Leap Motion controller is a small USB flash-drive shaped device that can be connected to the computer and placed in front of it. You can move your hand over this controller, and it will track the movements of your arm, hand, finger movements. The device tracks a space of of 8 cubic feet to users. The device can be plugged to a Mac or PC via the USB port and comes with an application suite with 75 apps. These apps make the controller compatible with the computers. As the firmware and drivers are updatable, users can make their devices more accurate by installing latest version and patches.


Is it worth it?

The initial public reaction was of elation. After a long waiting period of waiting, people were finally able to use this device. Although the device managed to impress, many users believed that it was still not near the finished product and was more like a prototype. The Leap Motion controller also does not replace the keyboard or the mouse and does not have native functionality to a computer. It’s best used with designated apps. However, the device offers a whole new way of using gestures to control a computer and will certainly improve over the years. The company has made strong name for itself  in the industry, especially having only been around since 2010.


Availability in Malaysia

 The Leap Motion controller and associated hardware can be bought from the official Leap Motion website. As the product was launched internationally, the company ships the controller to many countries including Malaysia. The Leap Motion Controller including the USB cables and information guide costs RM 240.99. Shipping costs to get the product shipped to Malaysia are RM 51.99. This means that you will have to shell out RM 292.98 to buy the controller and to get it shipped to your home in Malaysia. Below is an screenshot showing the cost of buying Leap Motion in Malaysia from their website. Leap Motion Cost in Malaysia



Leap Motion Media Gallery

Video Introducing Leap Motion


Images of Leap Motion


So, do you think this device is worth it? Post in the comments below.  


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Photo Credit: Leap Motion Press Release & Website

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Queenie Kor

Hi, does it include warranty for it? and how does it works if any spoiled where to warranty it and ship to where to fix it ? how long will take it to send to Malaysia?


Im surprised that the price had gone up since its release. Now its RM400!

Ben Hock Seng

Wow! They really did change the pricing! Thanks for pointing that out. I noticed they’ve removed the shipping fee and instead just drastically increased the price of purchasing the product from Malaysia! Bummer!


ermm…did you know where can i find it in a market in Malaysia?? or online market that i can buy it from just bank in the money at the atm to the supplier…becoz i dont have the internet bank account(such as paypal and etc)…

Ben Hock Seng

Hi Kuroneko, unfortunately, I’m not sure where or if it is available for sale in Malaysian retail stores. However, it’s quite straight forward to set up a Paypal account and link to your credit card, if you want to consider that.


The price that I have seen in Leap Motion official website is not the same as you show in the photo. This is because the shipping cost to Malaysia add the value which sum up almost 700 above

Ben Hock Seng

Hi Rozaimy,

Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how you’re getting RM 700. The screen shot is from their official website and the shipping destination I used was set for Malaysia. I pulled the information from here: https://store.leapmotion.com/(S(zplalwnf32k3uw42cfu5hebp))/Pages/LeapSolution.aspx

Could you clarify how you’re getting a different number? Many thanks.

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