6 People Compare UniFi to Streamyx Broadband

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We’ve written various articles helping you find and choose the best broadband service in Malaysia.  However, one of the most difficult things to come by is anecdotal feedback.  Usually, people gather this information by asking colleagues, friends, or family.

We’ve done something similar for you by sourcing the Reddit community to find people’s feedback about UniFi’s broadband service in comparison to Streamyx. Below is a list of six people expressing their personal experiences about UniFi.

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1. str4vag

“Been using since it launched. Have not disappointed me in any way. Speeds have been consistently high (on the 10MB package).

Dealing with their tech support is also a very pleasant experience. I have had to deal with them maybe 3 since launch. Each time was a positive experience. Problems were solved quickly, and they even did follow up calls a few days after to check on issue.”

2. luc_sohownow

“UniFi is a far cry from the Screamyx crap of yesteryear. You’ll find for its downsides it will still be miles above Streamyx. Alternatives are Maxis FTTH and TIME, but UniFi is for the most part pretty good. Which did you get 5, 10 or 20?”

Note: In this quote, where the user mentions “5, 10, or 20”, the person is referring to UniFi broadband speeds (e.g. 5 Mbps, 10 Mbps, 20 Mbps)

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3. accountdujour

“It’s good. Speed’s decent (I get 4-5 Mbps at where I live) and uploading is as good as downloading. I’m just worried about the quota, if and when it comes to effect. Sometimes the connection will die out with no reason at all at night but the connection will be restored by morning. Other than that, it’s recommended in my opinion.”

4. themewbrew

“I’m on the 20Mbps line and let me tell you, it’s a screamer. And not in a bad way. I don’t think I’ve seen YouTube buffer on a 360p video, 1080p is a different story altogether. I can listen to music on Earbits, download GTA IV on Steam at 2MB/s, update my iDevices in less time than it took for me to buffer a 10 minute, 360p video on Streamyx.


Get it, man. The 5Mbps is only RM40 more than the 1Mbps line.”

5. ShinyMetalBum

“Unifi is pretty good currently… but then so was Streamyx when they first came out.

A thing to look out for: Unlike Streamyx packages, Unifi has a download quote (Something like 15GB 60 GB for the 5Mbps package). It’s not on currently, but TM has stated that it will turn it on eventually. When active, exceeding your quota will mean your speed will drop to 10% of your package maximum (eg. 512kbps for the 5Mbps pack).”

6. maskednil

“Get it. I’m using the 5mb for my apartment in college. Now that I’m at home with my parents 1mb Streamyx I feel like pulling my hair apart!!”

Have you used UniFi or Streamyx? Post a thought in the comments below.


Photo credit: opensourceway / Foter / CC BY-SA

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