BMW Unveils Production Version of a Hybrid Sports Car

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German engineering is legendary, and the BMW range is one of the shining examples of that. BMW cars have always been known for their sleek stunning design and power. Nowadays, customers want Eco-friendly cars that look great and can compete with conventional petrol cars in terms of speed, power and acceleration.

A couple of weeks ago, BMW unveiled the production versions of its latest hybrid car– the BWM i8, which is definitely a car that everyone can aspire to. There are quite a few great Eco-friendly hybrid super-cars out, and the BMW i8 will give them a tough competition.


Features of the BMW i8

Mission Impossible fans have already seen this car, as it was featured in Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. As a result, many know what the concept version of the car looks like on the outside.

The production version does not have the full glass, upward swinging doors and the laser headlamps of the concept car. The gull wing doors are still present along with the stunning spoilers on the rear window and fenders. The interiors have also been toned down to make them more user-friendly. However, it still remains a sports car compared to the BMW i3 model.  The BMW i8 version also has new 10-spoke rims that were not seen on the concept car. The i8 production model also has a stylish hood scoop and kidney-shaped grills – a BMW signature feature.

However, it still has the plug-in hybrid drive-train seen in the prototype, which is its most important feature. The BMW i8 has a 1.5 liter 3-cylinder petrol engine which is combined with the BMW eDrive electrical drive system. This engine allows the car to deliver 250Nm of torque and 220hp of power to the rear wheels. An electric motor drives the front wheels, which provides 131hp to the front wheels. In 4.6 seconds, the car can accelerate from 0 to 100km/hr with a top speed of 250km/hr. As a hybrid car, it offers an all-electric speed of 75mph with a range of 22 miles.

Although the car is not like the Tesla cars, which completely electric, the BMW i8 still is a good option for those looking for hybrid electric cars. The price tag of this car is expected to be around £100,000 before taxes (RM 500,000+ before taxes)

The BMW i8 will be available to consumers by early 2014. It’s unclear when the BMW i8 would exactly arrive in Malaysia.



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Photo Credit: BMW Group – Press Release

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