BMW Launches Electric Car: BMW i3

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Monday, the 29th of July, witnessed the launch of BMW i3. It is first in the range of mass produced, zero emission electric vehicles by the German automotive industry giant. The BMW i3 is well differentiated from other electric vehicles in the market today. The differentiating factors are its premium quality, the i3 design, and superior accessories. This is likely to compete with the Tesla Electric Car, even though the BMW i3 is being offered at a more affordable level.

The BMW i3 is packed with a robust 170 HP electric motor and houses high voltage lithium ion battery which will let the car cover up to 80 or even 100 miles on each charge. Further, the i3 lets you charge using not only BMW’s Wallbox charger, but also any traditional socket or public charging facility.


Impressive Features of the BMW i3

The i3 with its top speed at 150km/h and its high torque engine will let you pick up elevated speed in a matter of few seconds. You can reach 0 to 60km/h in a mere 3.7s while 0 to 100km/h can be achieved in 7.2s.

BMW’s exclusive one pedal driving has been optimized and if the company claims are to be believed, most of your driving within the city would require no breaks at all. Though the break pedal has been included, the accelerator pedal will be enough for most of the part.

The car also works in conjunction with BMW’s smartphone app “i Remote”, available on iOS and Android. This app provides detailed information about the car, such as battery condition, charge level, location, and service messages.

The batteries will require about six hours of charging time to get fully charged when completely empty. Considering the regular weekdays commute, this would result in you needing to charge the batteries once in two or three days.


BMW i3’s Ecological Trivia 

BMW’s zero Carbon Dioxide emission claims have been met and you can go up to 160 kilometers without polluting the environment in your BMW i3. Going the extra mile, BMW manufactures the i3 in facilities that are 50% less noisy, consume 50% less energy, use 70% less water, and are 100% energy renewable. Most of the car itself is made from recyclable elements.



The BMW i3 in Malaysia

With the appointment of Performance Motors Ltd. as the official dealer of BMW i3 in Singapore, Malaysia’s turn seems to be close by. According to BMW, Malaysia is a sure destination and it is only a matter of time before the country gets to see its first BMW i3 – most likely toward the end of 2014.

At the moment, we cannot be sure about what it would cost here though. Base price for the European market has been set at 34,950 Euros (~RM 150,000). Range extender models will typically be 3,000 Euros higher than the base price. This would approximately mean RM 150,000 for the base model and RM 163,oo0 for the range extender BMW i3 models. We’ll however have to wait to get a clearer picture on the price for the Malaysian market.

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BMW i3 Media Gallery

Here are photos from the BMW Group to see the BMW i3 vehicle. Click a photo below to view.


Here is a promotional video introducing the BMW i3.


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Image Source: The BMW Group

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Ben Hock Seng

Still not sure how convenient this car would be if you lived in a condominium in Malaysia. Not exactly a lot of nearby power outlets in condo car parks.

bmwi3 fan

exactly mate..

this looks like an excellent car but where the heck can u find power outlets in condos? or if one has to purchased one, how much will it cost to buy the item and install it ? also if its meant to be charge in homes, how much power will it use and the cost it will bring to ur electric bill? the price of the car is already good enough.. hopefully by the time this model arrives in malaysia, the issues above are settled.

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