Google Play Books in Malaysia: The Basics

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Google Play Books Store


Google Play Books was released in Malaysia on 27 September 2013, along with eight other countries. Essentially, Google Play Books is an application for downloading, uploading, and reading ebooks.

This is good news for Malaysia, as the ebook market is still very limited here. Even Amazon, an ebook market leader, still does not sell its Kindle e-readers or ebooks to Malaysia. However, as discussed in a previous post, there are ways around that.

Here is how you can use Play Books in Malaysia.


How Google Play Books Works

Google Play Books lets you download and read ebooks for Android devices, iOS devices and web browsers.  Google Play Books has a vast selection of ebooks, which you can search by using keywords or categories, such as genres, top charts, new arrivals, and more.

Once you find a book you like, you can then proceed to check out and make payment online. Once paid, the book will download, and you’ll be able to access that book anytime from the website or the mobile Play Book apps.


Software Compatibility

The Google Play Books store is freely available for both Android and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). (Note that there is no Google Play Books app for  Apple computers). Here are the links to the apps and website for Google Play Books:



E-Reader Compatibility

The ebooks from Google Play can be downloaded onto e-reader devices that run Adobe Digital Editions.  These ebooks can be transferred to the following devices:

  • Nook
  • Reader from Sony
  • Kobo eReader

You can learn more about downloading and transferring books on Google Play on their website here.


Photo Tour of Google Play Books Store for Malaysia

Here are some photos of the Google Play Book Store and views of reading the ebooks on a web browser and iOS device.


If you’re looking for an alternative to Google Playbooks, check out Kobo. You can download and read ebooks on the Kobo application; however, you should note that the Kobo e-reader is also not available for sale in Malaysia.

Have you used Google Play Books? Share a thought in the comments below.


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Photo Credit: Google Play Store

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