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Amazon’s Instant Video Service Arrives in Japan

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Amazon Instant Video has come to Japan – the first country in Asia to have the product. Instant Video is an online video service for streaming or downloading videos. Customers in Japan can now choose to rent or buy over 26,000 films and TV shows from the company’s online portal. Nearly 15,000 of these are available in HD.

Instant Video customers can stream or download movies and TV shows to their Kindle Fire HD, PS3, iPad, Wii, XBox, Roku, blue ray players, set top boxes, hundreds of TV brands as well as the web. All the downloaded videos will be saved in the customer’s Video Library. This way, if you rent or buy a video, you can access it wherever you are.

The Japanese on-demand video market already has many well entrenched local as well as international competitors. Apple, Google and Hulu have a significant presence in this segment. On the other hand, some other companies that have had incredible success in this sector, like NetFlix, have not come in yet.

Rentals begin from 100 yen (~ RM3.15) for 24 hours, though the offer covers relatively older movies. If you want to watch a recently released movie like Monster’s University, be prepared to pay more. As of now a Japanese customer can rent the movie for $4.99 (~ RM16.00) or buy it outright for $14.99 (~ RM48). Amazon Instant Video has also tied up with content partners like Toho Co., Shochiku Co. and other local broadcasters like Fuji TV and NHK.

Amazon is offering a 2000 yen credit (~ RM63) (to use on the portal) with its latest Kindle, to celebrate the coming of the service to Japan and as a promotional offer. It has also promised that one lucky buyer will be given a 100,000 yen coupon (~ RM3,148).

What about Amazon Instant Video in Malaysia?

Unfortunately, there is no indication whether Amazon Instant Video will expand into other Asian countries, like Malaysia. If you try to rent or buy a movie through Instant Video in Malaysia, your purchase will be blocked and an apologetic message will appear about geographic restrictions. Below is a snapshot of that message.

Amazon Prime Instant



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