Why Google Chromecast Might Arrive in Malaysia This Year

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Monday was a red letter day for Chromecast users as Google released its Google Cast Software Development Kit (SDK) to the public. Any interested developer can now download the kit and start creating Google Chromecast apps. This is good news for Google Chromecast users in Malaysia because the basket of services they can access with their Chromecast devices should become bigger and more relevant. As mentioned in our previous story, the current format of Chromecast can be quite limiting in Malaysia

The release of the software development kit comes little more than six months after the release of Google Chromecast. The device allows users to stream media content from their smartphone, tablet, or computer to their television.


Why is the release of the Software Development Kit significant?

Google has basically made the Chromecast project open source, similar to its Android platform. The open source nature of Android led to the development of a large number of applications and enhancements, which is one of the main reasons why the platform is so popular. Just like Android, companies might funnel money into the Chromecast project, creating quality applications, particularly universal applications, which are applicable in Malaysia.


Expect many more Google Cast apps to launch

Without an official software development kit, developers who wanted to design applications for Google Cast were finding it very difficult to work, if not impossible. By releasing the SDK, Google has ensured that all people contributing to the Google Cast project remain on the same page. The Google Developer page for Google Cast contains more details on setting up the kit and guidelines on how to use it. Google has also uploaded some sample applications.

Thus, as more universal apps become available for Chromecast, the device will become more applicable, and therefore we think it should only be a matter of time before Google releases the Chromecast device in Malaysia.


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