Unveiling of the Google Watches

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Amidst speculation about Apple’s foray into smart wearables, Google has already announced its soon to be released wearable computer, which will be released as a watch.

Google’s project will enable its Android based software to be used via devices like watches and other similar devices that can be worn. The smart wearable segment is considered to be the next big change that will transform the way people use technology.

There are two companies that are going to release their watches based on Google’s software. While LG is offering a sleek square shaped watch, Moto 360 by Motorola will be in its conventional circular  shape. Both are  designed as  touch screen gadgets besides responding to  voice commands.

David Singleton who is the head of Google’s Android engineering has said that they are working closely with watch manufacturing companies, chip companies and even fashion  brands. The product will provide active and useful information by working and making sense of all the information generated and consumed by the user.

This will be achieved through Google Now, which is going to be the real user interface for these smart watches. This interface has already proved its mettle in meeting the information requirements of the user with its intelligent and automatic integration of available information.

Google’s smart watches will be the first of its kind in the market. Whether Google will sell its own watches or collaborate with other firms is yet to be seen. But the company promises that the wait for smart wearables is going to be very short lived now.

Potential Issues with Google Watch

Below we have some videos demonstrating and showcasing the Google watches. They look exciting and cool. However, are we really ready for the Google watch? A couple of issues: battery life will be low and the watch size will be bulky. To maintain power of the watch, you’ll likely need to charge it quite frequently. Also, the watch display size is thick and might be a bit cumbersome to wear. While these may sound like small issues, it’s inconveniences like these that can dramatically weaken demand for lifestyle tech products.

Google Video Showcasing Watches

Google Android Wear Developer Preview


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