This Technologically Advanced Ring is ‘Precious’

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So you’ve been looking for one ring to rule them all? Your search ends at Logbar’s battery-powered Bluetooth Ring. Logbar is a California-based tech start-up led by CEO Takuro Yoshida. Come July 2014, the company will begin selling what could easily be its flagship product – the Bluetooth Ring project on Kickstarter, conveniently priced at 475 MYR.

What does this  mean for you?

It means you could command all your smart-home devices and smartphone apps from your forefinger wearing the bluetooth ring. You could also access and control your smart music-player by simply drawing a designated musical note in air. You could access your emails by drawing an envelope and compose messages by drawing letters in the air and so on.

A proponent of the next gen wearable technology, Logbar’s Ring is several light-years ahead of the current smart wearables. The products that are available have limited operations like telling the time or showing notifications from your smartphone.

The silver ring packs in touch detection, motion control, gesture recognition, text transmission, alerts as well as payment-making options to name a few. It allows you to make mobile payments using Apple’s iBeacon app and a GPS, in addition to performing smaller everyday tasks like controlling the TV or lights at your home, changing music, composing mails and messages and posting to social media.

How does it work? 

All you need to do is tap on the touch-sensitive sensor on the side of the Ring to unfold its numerous applications. The ring is fitted with a vibration pad and some LEDs, apart from the Bluetooth chip. You can choose what  notifications you would want to receive on the ring and how – by vibrations or glowing LED lights.

You can connect it to all the smart home devices like TVs and lights. Further, using the iOS or Android app associated with Logbar’s Ring, you can add your custom gestures and their commands to the smart-device’s pre-installed list of gestures and associated commands.

According to Yoshida the Ring will be able to perform a maximum of 1,000 gesture commands before its battery runs out . The battery, though rechargeable, is not replaceable. You will have to shell out another 475 MYR and get a brand new ring in case it stops charging.

It’s still a good deal if you think about it. The Ring is truly “one ring to rule them all” – compatible with Android, iOS and PC as well as Google Glass, quadcopter drones, pebble and other smartwatches and a host of other smart-wearables.

The project had aimed at a funding of $250,000 at the time of its launch on Kickstarter in February and has already passed it’s goal by three times that, thanks to the 4,000+ backers. If you’re impressed and would like to control several things with your forefinger, pre-order it from the Kickstarter website now and wait until shipping  begins in July.




Photo Credit: Logbar

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