Look Smart and Be Safe with the Invisible Helmet

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There is something so comforting about riding a bicycle, and so we all have excuses for not wearing a helmet. You may be a careful bicycle rider but not wearing a bike helmet can be dangerous, and in some cases even fatal. If you are too concerned about how you look with a bicycle helmet when riding around town, then you will welcome the new “invisible” helmet, or the Hovding!

Designed by two Swedish students of industrial design – Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin – the invisible helmet could be a great way to stay safe and stylish on busy city roads, particularly if  you have to manoeuvre around Malaysia’s traffic!

Okay, well, the helmet is not exactly invisible but it has a similar effect. Unlike the regular bicycle helmets, the Hovding is an airbag that bikers wear around their neck. From a distance, these helmets look like scarves.

The helmet, which has undergone several safety tests and is now CE labeled, has sensors that detect sudden jolts. Instantly, the helmet is inflated using a helium tank and the biker is protected from injuries during the fall. What’s more, with this invisible helmet, you won’t even have to worry about helmet hair!

Check out the video below.

This story was originally published by journal.ie.


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“Helmet Hair” – funny!

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