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Google Reveals How to Write a First-Class Resume

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If you run a Google search for ‘home to write a resume’, you will get 12,900,000 results in half a second. Two things become clear from this – people are anxious to know how to write a killer resume and the Internet is full of advice on how to create a great resume. There is so much information on the Internet on the subject that it can be hard to separate the grain from the chaff. Often, the most important points get left out.

Recently, Tom Friedman of the New York Times conducted an interview with Laszlo Bock, Senior Vice President at Google for people operations. One of the questions that he asked ‘what makes a great resume?’. Mr. Bock said that the trick is to frame your strengths properly. You should highlight the results and provide context. 

Example: Consider that you contribute to the editorial of a newspaper. Rather than saying that you have written many op-eds, you can say that you have had 50 op-eds published against the average rate of six by other writers. Furthermore, you might highlight the reason for this is that you had provided such deep insights into the area for almost three years.

Obviously, there is one issue with this approach. This requires you to have great accomplishments. You certainly wouldn’t want to reveal results that are less than desirable. Therefore, the first step is to work hard and achieve more. Then highlight these results with context.

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