Google Wants to Create a Lego-Like Phone That Costs RM160

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In a recent interview with news magazine Time, Google revealed that it plans to make simpler prototypes of its modular smartphone from Project Ara, available for as low as RM 150. The idea of this modular smartphone has been advanced from others, such as David Hakkens from the Netherlands. Hakkens presented a very cool idea of a modular smartphone called Phonebloks, which you can see in this fascinating video.

When Google agreed to sell Motorola off to the China-based manufacturer Lenovo, Google decided to retain custody over its Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) team.

ATAP’s Project Ara could revolutionize smartphones

Project Ara is Google’s ambitious bid to make smartphones modular – you can assemble the different modules of your Ara smartphone in various customized configurations. Designed by the R&D teams of Phonebloks and Google’s very own Motorola, the Project Ara packs in user-installable parts (modules) that let you create a unique phone, like joining pieces of Lego together to create unique prototypes. This will leave you in possession of an exclusive phone, differentiated from the mass-produced models that other consumers buy off the shelf. 

In an attempt to help another couple of billion consumers discover the Internet, Google has priced the phone at US$ 50 (~RM160). Google calls it the “grayphone” – a bare exoskeleton with a customizable frame, a screen and a few other bare essentials, including a Wi-Fi radio. You’ll be able to purchase it at a convenience store and customize it at your home.

Later, Google wants to send you on-board apps to tweak and customize software as you like. Google also wants personnel with special kiosks around the world, so that you can have your hardware tweaked.

In addition to Project Ara, Google is working on Project Tango, which is a smartphone that has 3D sensing. All we can say is that just taking a look at these two prototypes shows that Google ATAP is working on some exciting projects.

Which Would You Prefer: A Pre-Configured or a Customizable Smartphone?




Photo Credit: Project Ara via Google+ 

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i think google got the idea from this..

Ben Hock Seng

Yeh, you’re on target. The article above states the phone is being designed by the R&D teams of Phonebloks (video you linked above) and Google’s Motorola…

Ben Hock Seng

So, this would mean when we buy a phone we wouldn’t have to worry about the next generation coming out soon after; we could constantly keep upgrading the phones with new pieces…

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