Rent an Electric Car by the Hour in Malaysia, Starting in August

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Malaysia is set to start its electric vehicle (EV) sharing program for the public, which will be a pay-as-you-use concept. It’s being called a ‘sharing program’ because members rent the cars by the hour, rather than a long period of time.

This EV program is the result of the combined efforts of three  Malaysian entities: the Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI), the Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (GreenTech Malaysia) and the CMS Consortium Sdn Bhd (Comos).

According to Datuk Seri Mohamed, the Executive Chairman of Comos, membership is compulsory for anyone who wants to rent these vehicles. He said membership applications will start being accepted from the month of July. Two electric cars will initially be offered: Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe.

Datuk Seri Mohamed admitted that the vehicle rental price is still being finalized, but it will be eminently affordable. He said members will pay by the hour to use the cars. However, he clarified that the final rate will not be less than a normal taxi fare. If a member wants to rent an electric vehicle, he or she can also use a smartphone to do so. A unique code will be transmitted to the member, and he or she will be guided to the closest station that has cars available.

After entering the vehicle, the member would need to type in the unique code so that the vehicle is unlocked and suitable to drive. Once the member is done driving the vehicle, the member can simply park the vehicles at any one of the many EV parking bays that are designated by the program. The EV rent program will make its maiden drive in Klang Valley with about 40 vehicles, followed by other destinations like Malacca, Penang, Johor Baru and Langkawi.

Furthermore, the places where you can pick-up and drop-off an electric vehicle will likely be near LRT stations, shopping malls, and prominent government buildings.

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Source: The Star

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Halfey Halphstein

If only they included Tesla Model S I’d be happy to give it a try lol

Vital Technical

Well, at least a good move on Malaysia going green, way to go.

Tee Zackem

If only they will install a meter that shows the cost price of the vehicle and every time someone rents it the meter will reduce according to the amount of the rent and when the meter falls to zero the vehicle becomes free for everyone to share.

Yes I’m talking about a non-profit model. Sharing is the future.

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