Surface Pro 3 Expected to Arrive in Malaysia in August

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All the speculation about the absence of Surface Pro 2 in the Malaysian market have been put to rest with the announcement of the release of its latest flagship product Surface Pro 3 in Malaysia which is likely to happen by the end of August.

Five models of the Surface Pro 3 have been officially released in New York just over a week ago. Ranging from Intel Core i3 processor with 4GM RAM and 64GB SSD to Intel Core i7 processor with 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD, the new tablets will be available from prices starting from $799 for the starting range.

Although the price list for the Malaysian release has not been official declared, experts do not expect it to be very different, considering that the Malaysian release will happen  quickly after the US launch.

Whether all the models of the tablet are going to be launched in Malaysia is yet to be seen. Pricing for Surface Pro 3’s highest end product translates to approximately RM700, a little too steep according to many. What remains to be seen is how is Microsoft going to handle the Malaysian launch.


Photo Credit: Microsoft

Source: LowYat.net

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