AdWords in Malay Language: Google Malaysia Expansion

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In a recent bid for the expansion of the Google advertising platform AdWords, Google Malaysia has made it possible for advertisements to feature in Bahasa Malaysia. It is a move to bring local businesses under their advertising umbrella, by initiating the endeavor to reach out to the local people.

One of the primary concerns for this addition is Google’s endeavor to make SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) more visible on the web and also become more discoverable, both locally as well as internationally. Country Business Head and Managing Director of Google Malaysia, Sajith Sivanandan, said during the media briefing  that the move would enable small and medium businesses to reach out to a lot more local consumers and audiences through the optimization of Malay keywords.

According to Sivanandan, there are approximately 700,000 SEMs in Malaysia, and only 15 percent of them have internet presence. With the huge smartphone revolution and the millions of Malaysian internet users, AdWords in Malay will create a plethora of opportunities for SEMs to tap into the market.

Approximately 60 percent of the Malaysian population uses Malay as their primary language, and by extension also is the language that they browse the internet with. Google is all set to convert these numbers to their advantage and establish a close relationship with their consumers at the same time.

One of the benefits of using AdWords as an advertising platform, according to Sivanandan, is the way it can be used to maximize financial gains and be optimally used for businesses of any size.

Yet another benefit is how the advertisers have the complete hold of the advertising process on this Google platform. Factors like location, data and positioning can be decided by the advertisers in order to reap maximum results given their budgetary concerns, an ideal advertising solution for startups and SEMs.


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