This Couple Plans to Build Solar Panel Roadways

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The 48 states of the US have roads, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots and playgrounds amounting to an area of about 31,252 square miles. If a couple-Scott and Julie Bursaw- have the independence to do anything they want to do – they will coat the area with solar panels.

Research and discovery

The Idaho resident couple have been researching and working on a prototype of a kind of industrial strength panel which has the capability to withstand weights more than the biggest truck. The Bursaws have been poring over this problem for about 10 years.

It seems that the Bursaws might have found out the solution. They have invented a textured glass coating to be used on the panels which not only have the capacity to withstand huge loads, but also support any standard tire traction. According to their calculation, if all the roads are coated with this solar panel, the public ways will have the capacity to generate three times the electricity that is presently being consumed in the United States.

The material also has the ability to power electric vehicles. This can be made possible via a mounted “receiver” plate below the EV and the installation of “transmitter” plate on the road.


The US Federal Highway Administration has already funded two phases of this project. It was also featured in the Moonshot series of Google. Solar Roadways is the incorporated name of the effort.

The Bursaws are at presently hoping to collect $1 million through IndieGogo to advance beyond prototype stage and make commercial production. They have collected about $112,000 since they have started their campaign in the earlier half of May.

They have opted to crowdfund their project instead of taking money from large investors as they wish to protect their vision of creating a product which will help Americans the most. They believe that these projects will create jobs and they want to keep the job inside the US instead of outsourcing it to another country. The Bursaws want to create a manufacturing facility which will provide employment to Americans. They also want to keep the manufacturing process as green as possible.

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