3 Waterfalls You Should Visit in Malaysia

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“If there is magic on the planet, it is contained in water,” said American anthropologist Loren Eiseley. And many nature lovers would agree that waterfalls are a thing of beauty and magic. There’s nothing quite like the sight and sound of sheets of water cascading down the cliffs or tumbling over rocks. Many stunning falls are sprinkled throughout the world’s most striking destinations and Malaysia is no different. Scattered across the country’s 13 states and three federal territories are plenty of waterfalls that will leave you in awe and appreciative of Mother Nature. Here are just three of Malaysia’s waterfalls worth exploring.

1. Chilling Falls in Selangor

Photo credit: Waterfalls of Malaysia

The unspoilt Chilling Falls, located in Selangor, is a sight to behold and a perfect spot to connect with nature.

Located north of Kuala Lumpur, the waterfall catchment area doubles up as a fish sanctuary and is surrounded by lush rainforest. Chilling Falls, which takes approximately an hour to reach, is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Selangor and can be reached after an adventurous trek along the river. There is a guardhouse where visitors must register and pay an entrance fee before they start exploring the trail leading to the falls. The fun and exciting part about reaching Chilling Waterfall is that there are six rivers to cross and after the last crossing you will set your eyes on Chilling Falls. There are two falls to discover; one that is easily accessible while the other requires the hard work of climbing a flight of stairs to reach. Once you arrive, there is enough room to have a picnic and enjoy nature.

2. Rainbow Falls in Pahang

Photo credit: Waterfalls of Malaysia

Tapis Waterfall, better known as Pelangi (or Rainbow in English) Waterfall situated in Sungai Lembing is renowned for its beauty.

In its heyday, Sungai Lembing was famous for its tin mines, but today it is a small, sleepy town enjoying a bit of popularity for the famed Rainbow Falls. The Rainbow Waterfall can be reached in 40 minutes by a 4WD via a 10-km laterite track followed by a 10-km logging trail from the town. The waterfall itself is nothing to shout about, but after a rainfall and when the sun is still low, you can catch a sight of sublime beauty. The water splashing over the high falls creates a mist that, at the right time, forms a beautiful rainbow, giving the falls its name. Transport to the falls can be arranged in town as a 4WD is required to negotiate the trails. A word of caution though: if you want to see the rainbow, then be sure to start early, as it can only be seen during a certain period in the morning.

3. Giam Klimau in Sarawak


Photo credit: Waterfalls of Malaysia

Mention Sarawak, and perhaps what comes to mind are nature, caves, and lush green forests. But all this natural beauty is punctuated by lovely waterfalls, too. In Batu Niah town, a rest stop between Miri and Bintulu located about 85km from Miri city, you’ll find Giam Klimau, an outstanding waterfall.

In the Bidayuh language, giam means waterfall (or rapids). The waterfall is only accessible through the oil palm plantation, and with its bumpy terrain can be quite a challenge for a sedan; therefore, a 4WD with a guide is advisable, as nature lovers and trekkers are required to register at several checkpoints within this privately owned plantation. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the trailhead; from there follow the trail, just a short walk through the bushes to reach Giam Klimau.

With some amazing geographical features, Giam Klimau is a visual treat, even more so with its curtain of water which just crashes onto the rocky surface below, instead of into a pool. Perhaps the most incredible thing about Giam Klimau is that the wide, rocky protrusion forms a shelter underneath where visitors can actually stand behind the water as it falls. As no one really knows quite how this remarkable landscape was formed, it remains as one of Mother Nature’s mysterious gifts for us to enjoy and appreciate.

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Source: The Expat Magazine December 2014

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