Melaka to Put Two Electric Buses into Service in April

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Melaka to Put Two Electric Buses into Service in April

Beginning next month (April), Melaka will put two electric buses into service.

According to Bernama, the buses will be delivered on 29 March, and are the first two electric buses to arrive. There will altogether be 40 electric buses. All buses will be delivered by the end of July.

The new electric buses will slowly replace the current Panaroma Melaka Sdn bhd buses, which belong to the state government subsidiary. There are 61 Panorama Melaka buses serving 35 routes in Melaka city and in rural areas as well.

The new electric buses cost about RM1.35 million each, and uses green technology from China. The bus can travel up to 300 kilometres before having to be recharged, and can carry up to 60 people at a time.

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Source: Bernama


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Nasaruddin A. Samad

better start now than never…positive thinking pls…!!!

Philip Heng

I hope it will work in the rain this time.

Klaus-Jürgen Heer

Won’t make a very needed change in Melaka public transport performance.

Staffan O Kahn

??? NO Hybrids ?? we try tehm here

Staffan O Kahn

by wire or batteries ? ? ? ?

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