9 Paintings of Old Buildings by a Malaysian Artist

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2. Door-KL


3. Streets


4. Window – Penang


5. Petaling Street


6. Jalan Petaling


7. Old Shop-Penang


8. Old Shop


9. Kampung House Bagan Serai


About the Artist: Lee Weng Fatt

A key factor in an artist’s career is his willingness to constantly evolve and improve over time. This keeps an artist’s work fresh and exciting, and allows for new inspiration. Lee Weng Fatt is a local artist who has been contributing to the art scene since 1994, and his work calls old buildings and landscapes to life, using oil and palette knife techniques.


His recent series, ‘Landscapes of Old Buildings’, is distinctly different from his older works. While his beautiful older paintings depict real-life scenes in villages as well as the urban landscape, the devil was in the details. With his newer work, he has evolved to become more of an expressionist painter, distorting images to evoke emotions and moods. This results in a blurry and fragmented painting, leaving the viewers up to their own interpretations of the work.

He explained, “I wanted to express myself and my work differently this time around on a unique and higher level, translating my feelings and emotions to canvas. Last time, it was pretty much ‘what you see is what you get’ when you look at a painting of mine. With this series, I want viewers to be able to feel something and take something away from it. Since parts of the painting aren’t in focus, viewers can see what they want and it has the power to bring back nostalgic memories for them. It brings about more dialogue and thought as everyone’s interpretations will be different. I have been painting for 25 years. Every step of the way, I change and evolve, learning new techniques and studying new ways to improve my art.”

Lee says that he has been inspired to create his new artwork by reading books, observing his surroundings, and from exhibitions in other countries. His new series depicts old buildings and markets around Kuala Lumpur. While this new technique is challenging in its own way, he fi nds it therapeutic. “With expressionism, I don’t have to go so much into details. I have more freedom in making these paintings, with flowing strokes using freehand, instead of being meticuluous with the small details. I focus more on the colours and overall image instead. My love for old buildings remain, but I’m now able to express it in a whole new way.”

For more information about the artist and his paintings, please contact [email protected]

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Source: The Expat magazine December 2015

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Bella Schipano

Love his work! I’m a proud owner of one of his paintings!

Shantha Duraimaniam

Susan Lloyd…remember how we used to sell Weng Fatt’s paintings? Used to go like hotcakes..

JR Ellis

Immediately transports me back to Malaysia…

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