Luxurious Treatment for your Hair at A Cut Above

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This post was written by Sarah Rees

THERE ARE TIMES when living in Malaysia feels more like a holiday than real life. Spending my Saturday afternoons swimming as the blue sky arches overhead and the sun beats down always transport me far from my worries of work and fools me, just for a moment, into believing I have slipped into paradise.

While the climate and the easy access to the swimming pool may be soothing for my mind, they really don’t play nicely with my hair. Even after washing, my locks feel and look a bit sad and dry, and the joy of swimming is tinged with the guilt of knowing how much it pains my hair.

You can easily imagine, therefore, my elation when I was asked by leading hair salon chain A Cut Above to try out a treatment that promised to rehydrate, renew, and repair my maltreated hair.

KeraStraight Intense Boost treatment is a deep conditioning treatment that o.ers “30 days conditioning in 30 minutes”, and is one of the latest products to come from international hair specialist KeraStraight. Ever keen to bring the best available treatments to their customers, A Cut Above has been swift to incorporate the Intense Boost into their already comprehensive range, and I was eager to see if it o.ered the answer to my hair woes.

Upon arrival at A Cut Above in Bangsar Village II – my chosen outlet for the afternoon of hair pampering – it was swiftly clear why this hair dressing salon chain, which started life in a small shop back in 1979, has grown into a market leader.

Founder Winnie Loo’s initial aims of delivering quality hair styling in a luxurious environment continue to this day, and from humble beginnings, her salon has blossomed into a premier brand. Loo remains the only Malaysian to have been recognised as a ‘World Master of the Craft’ by the Arts & Fashion Group of New York, and her talents echo down through the skilled stylists that man the five branches.

This was to be my first experience of A Cut Above, but from the moment I stepped into the large, modern salon I was impressed. The staff were attentive, welcoming, and possessed the relaxed confidence of professionals who know their craft, while the pleasant gurgle washing and trimming mingled with the satisfied sighs of people being transformed and reassured me that I had come to the right place.

The KeraStraight Intense Boost treatment was far more straightforward than I had expected. After a cup of hot tea, I was whisked away to have my hair lovingly washed before the specially formulated protein and moisture mask that would work its magic on my sad tresses was applied.

Once the mask was in place, a heater was wheeled in to “steam” my hair for ten minutes before it was blow-dried to lock in the moisture and strength supplied by the mighty mixture. All this may sound intense, but a steady stream of hot tea and a large supply of glossy magazines ensured that my afternoon was blissfully relaxing.


The final stage was rinsing, and once the mask was completely removed, my hair was ready to be cut, styled, or just blow-dried into a curly, luscious perfection that I never seem to be able to achieve in my own home.

I strolled out of A Cut Above feeling renewed with hair that seemed to bounce and shimmer as I walked. While the curls gradually fell, the smooth, silky softness of my hair lasted far beyond my day of treatment, and ensured I could return to the pool with the weight of guilt on my shoulders replaced with lovely, moisture-rich hair. By Sarah Rees


A Cut Above offers haircuts and treatments, make-up services, and manicures and pedicures, both inhouse and for outside functions. Their salons boast a large staff of experienced professionals who work with specialised products and techniques to achieve superior results.

Outlets at:
Bangsar Shopping Centre: 03.2094 9555
Bangsar Village II: 03.2283 2233
Mid Valley Megamall: 03.2938 3131
Sunway Pyramid: 03.5635 2222
Parkson Pavilion KL: 03.2141 3232


Source: The Expat November 2012

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