YES Broadband Packages – A 7-Step Guide

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Yes is a 4G mobile internet provider in Malaysia, owned by YTL Corporation. They offer mobile internet speeds of up to 20 Mbps, claiming to be up to four times faster than 3G providers.

Yes offers a range of personal broadband plans, which include both prepaid and postpaid options. One of their selling points is that with a single Yes ID or data plan, you can easily use their 4G service on multiple devices simultaneously.

If you happen to be tired of your current mobile internet plan, or are new to the whole mobile internet thing, you might want to figure out if Yes could be a good option for you. Take a quick read through this seven-step guide, and you should have your answer in no time at all!

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1. Does Yes provide broadband coverage in your area?

This is the first important thing that you need to check out. Yes provides a coverage map which you can easily use. Zoom in to take a look, or type in your address or postal code—covered areas will be clearly highlighted. If your home or the areas you usually move around in aren’t covered, then you should just move on to another mobile broadband provider.


2. How much data will you be downloading and uploading every month?

Portable  internet providers will usually have a data limit, which might apply to your daily, weekly, or monthly usage. This is also known as “quotas”. Some of the quotas for the YES broadband plans ares structured into peaks/off-peak times:

  • Peak: 8am – 2am
  • Off-peak: 2am – 8am

You’ll be able to use more of your monthly quota during off-peak times.

Postpaid Plan Quotas


For Yes, postpaid plans, they say that all come with “unlimited” internet usage. This is not exactly true. How it works is that you pay for a specific monthly quota, which may be an “all day” quota for use at any time, or it may be divided into peak and off-peak times. Once you exceed this quota, your internet access speed will be limited to 128 kbps. If you’ve exceeded your quota and are desperate for a fast connection, you always have the option of paying for a “superbooster” add-on that will top up your quota and restore your connection to full speed.

Yes postpaid plans range between 2 GB and 21 GB per month.

Prepaid Plan Quotas

If you have a Yes prepaid plan, however, then it will be pay-as-you-go, instead of the quota system. The minimum monthly usage is RM 30 for Yes prepaid plans. If you run out of credit, you’ll still be able to receive calls, SMSs, and make emergency calls. You won’t be able to surf the internet or make outgoing calls, however.

So the question is: How much data do you need? And when will you be using your wireless connection?  If you’re a light user but still want the convenient option of mobile internet, then the prepaid option might make more sense for you. (Scroll to the end of this article for a rundown of the various Yes plans currently available.)


3. What Type of Broadband Technology Do You Want?

In Malaysia, there are three main types of broadband services: fiber, wireless, and ADSL. Fiber is the fastest option available, wireless obviously offers you the most mobility, and ADSL is a good choice for a lower-cost, fixed-line service. Yes specializes in offering a wireless broadband connection, and doesn’t offer the other two options. But if mobility is what you are looking for, then it’s worth exploring the Yes postpaid and prepaid plans.

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4. How Fast Do You Want Your Broadband Service to Be?

As previously mentioned, fiber is the fastest option; if this is what you are looking for then read this introduction to fiber broadband in Malaysia. If you want a fast mobile connection, however, then the 4G speeds that Yes offers are decent. All of their packages offer the same speed—a theoretical speed of up to 20 Mbps. Like any other wireless service, the connection speed may be influenced by other factors such as coverage, your location, building interference, and number of concurrent users.


It’s important to note that Yes does not offer 4G LTE, like Maxis and Celcom.  This is considered to be the fastest wireless broadband service in Malaysia. You learn more about 4G LTE in Malaysia here.



5. Are Yes Plans Within Your Budget?

To begin using Yes services, you will need to select a plan, and you can purchase one of the 4G devices they offer if necessary. Their devices typically cost between RM 99 and RM 399, but currently they are offering devices for free if you sign up for a Yes postpaid plan. (The offer expires December 31, 2013.)

Their postpaid plans start from RM 48/month. There is also an activation fee for all postpaid plans, which will cost either RM 50 or RM 100, depending on which plan you choose.

The prepaid plans start from RM 30/month.

A third option worth mentioning is the daily pass that Yes offers. You can purchase the Yes 4G Pass online or from any hotspot, and the introductory price is RM 5 per day, for 500 MB of data. You’ll find a more detailed rundown of the various prepaid and postpaid Yes plans available at the end of this post.


6. Yes Customer Service

Customer service is a pretty crucial factor in selecting the broadband service that would be ideal for you. It’s a difficult factor to evaluate, however, and we advise you to do some homework of your own.

Talk to friends, family, and colleagues—if any of them are using Yes, start asking questions! Alternatively, here are a couple more avenues that you should investigate:

  • Yes Facebook page: Post comments or questions here, and see what other people are saying about Yes and their services.
  • LowYat forum: Do a search and look for existing threads about Yes 4G. If you don’t find much, start a thread! LowYat is a very active tech community, and you should receive some decent feedback.

If you have any comments to share about Yes 4G wireless services, do leave a comment below. Leaping Post and our readers will appreciate the input.


7. A Rundown of Yes 4G Plans

If you’ve decided on Yes, but think you’re going to have trouble picking the plan that is right for you, don’t worry. They offer a handy Yes recommender tool which asks you a number of questions, and then suggests the plan that would suit you best.

Otherwise, take a look at this list of some of the plan options that Yes offers. There are a number of prepaid starter packs available, and then there is postpaid, for which there are a large number of mix-and-match options available. For the full list of options, go here.


Yes Prepaid Starter Packs:

All prepaid starter packs come with a Yes 4G device. All packages also come with a 018 mobile number, and with the new Yes prepaid plan. If you don’t need the device, you can just sign up for a Yes prepaid ID, which costs RM 30.

i) Go

  • Starter pack comes with a USB dongle, which allows you to connect on the go.
  • Price for starter pack: RM 99
  • Free data on activation: 1.5 GB (750 MB peak, and 750 MB off-peak)

ii) Huddle

  • Device enables you to create private WiFi hotspots, enables you to use multiple gadgets at once.
  • Price for starter pack: RM 399
  • Free data on activation: 2GB (Anytime)

iii) Huddle XS

  • Device allows you to connect up to five devices at once.
  • Price for starter pack: RM 399
  • Free data on activation: 2GB (Anytime)

iv) Zoom

  • Provide a 4G connection for 10 people or more in your home or office.
  • Price for starter pack: RM 399
  • Free data on activation: 2GB (Anytime)

It is unclear what the main difference is between Huddle and Huddle XS, besides the size of the device and their respective batteries. If you manage to figure this one out, let us know! For more general information about the prepaid plans, visit this page.

To top-up, you have several options: you can purchase regular reload cards, buy a valuepack, activate auto-reload, or top up at ATMs and selected kiosks.


Yes Postpaid Plans

Like prepaid, there is also the option of purchasing a postpaid plan without the device. If you need a device, however, you’ll have the same options: the Go, the Huddle, the Huddle XS, and the Zoom. Yes postpaid plans may have a required contract length depending on which device you choose.

  • Go: No contract required
  • Huddle: 18 months
  • Huddle XS: 24 months
  • Zoom: 24 months

At the moment, Yes is offering a special promotion: you get the device for free, but you pay a set price for the postpaid plan that you select. (The promotion is available until 31 December 2013.) The following are the different data plans available, which you can either match to the device of your choice, or purchase on their own. All numbers refer to the monthly quota.

  • All day plans:
    • Super 48: 2GB
    • Super 68: 4GB
    • Super 98: 6GB
  • Peak/Off-Peak plans:
    • Super 59: 6 GB (2.5 GB peak, 3.5 GB off-peak)
    • Super 79: 15 GB (4.5 GB peak, 10.5 GB off-peak)
    • Super 109: 21 GB (6.5 GB peak, 14.5 GB off-peak)

The full price list is available on their website.


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