Best iPhone 5s Plans and Prices in Malaysia

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iPhone 5s

So you’ve finally made that all-important decision to buy one of Apple’s newest, shiniest iPhones. There are two ways of purchasing an iPhone 5S in Malaysia. You can either buy one outright with no contract or commitments whatsoever, or you can sign a contract with a Malaysian cellular provider and get the iPhone at a discounted price.

If you’re interested in the latter option, you can expect that Malaysia’s popular providers do offer plans that take advantage of all of the functionalities of this premium smartphone. To make the selection easier for you, Leaping Post has summarized all the information that you’ll need to make an informed decision.

If you want to get the iPhone at a discounted price, you’re probably going to have to sign a 1- or 2-year contract with a Malaysian cellular provider. We’ve outlined the retail prices for the iPhone 5s in Malaysia and the iPhone 5s plans offered by the three biggest Malaysian mobile service provider.

iPhone 5s Retail Prices in Malaysia

The iPhone 5s retail prices depend upon its three main sizes. Note the online retail giant in Malaysia sell them at slight discounts.

  • iPhone 5s 16GB: RM 2,399 (Lazada price: RM 2,370)
  • iPhone 5s 32GB: RM 2,749 (Lazada price: RM 2,689)
  • iPhone 5s 64GB: RM 3,149 (Lazada price: RM 3,129)

Best iPhone 5s Plans:

The best iPhone 5s plan really depends on your preferences. So, we’e recommended four iPhone 5s plans tailored to different interests.

1. Cheapest iPhone 5s Plan: Maxis iValue Simple Plan

With a final cost of only RM2,849 for 12 months, Maxis’ iValue Simple plan is the most affordable iPhone 5S plan in Malaysia. Subscribers will get 1GB of data (with an option to purchase additional data), 200 mins of talk time, and 100 SMSs, which are a fairly reasonable deal for an RM50 monthly commitment. While the device itself may not come any cheaper, users who choose this plan will pay a significantly lower cost overall thanks to its low monthly commitment.

SS 1, Petaling JayaPinggiran TTDI
SS 2, Petaling JayaKg Sg Kayu Ara
SS 3, Petaling JayaAra Damansara
SS 4 (A,B,C,D) , Petaling JayaSeksyen 14
SS 5 (A,B,C,D) , Petaling JayaSeksyen 11
SS 6, Petaling JayaSeksyen 12
SS 7, Petaling JayaSeksyen 13
SS 8 & SS 8A , Petaling JayaSeksyen 19
SS 9A, Petaling JayaSeksyen 20
SS 20, Damansara KimSeksyen 21
SS 21, Damansara UtamaSeksyen 22
SS 22 & SS 22APJU 7, Mutiara Damansara
PJU 3, Sunway DamansaraPJU 8, Damansara Perdana
Bandar UtamaPelangi  Damansara
TropicanaUniversiti Malaya
Tropicana Golf & Country ResortHotel Eastin
Taman Tun Dr IsmailKelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam (KGPA)
Kg Sungai PenchalaKuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC)
Bukit LanjanStesen Petronas, Lebuhraya Sprint

You read more about the Maxis iValue Simple Plans on their website here.

2. Most Value For Money iPhone 5s Plan: DiGi’s iDiGi 138 Plan


While DiGi only offers their iPhone plans in 24-month contracts, it is arguably the cheapest 24-month contract, as compared to the rest. At a final cost of RM4,397 for the 16GB iPhone 5S plan, users get 3GB worth of data to use every month, plus 450 mins worth of talk time and 400 SMSs, which should be sufficient for the average user.

Kelab DiRaja SelangorJalan Batai
Bukit Kiara ResortIdamansara, Changkat Semantan
Pusat Sukan Bukit KiaraJalan Damansara Endah
Pusat Sains NegaraJalan Setiamurni 5 - 12
Institut Tadbiran Awam Negara (Intan)Jalan Setiabakti
Suruhanjaya SekuritiJalan Setiakash
Bahagian Teknologi PendidikanTaman Seri Beringin
Pusat Konvensyen Sime DarbyJalan Gelenggang
Jalan SetiabistariJalan Derumun
Jalan SetiabudiJalan Chemperai
Jalan SetiarasaPersiaran Beringin
Jalan SetiarayaJalan Chelagi
Jalan SetiajayaJalan Teruntung
Jalan Medan SetiaJalan Chempenai
Jalan Setiamurni 1 – 4Jalan Birah
Persiaran BasongJalan Beka
Jalan DungunJalan Balau
Jalan Bruas

You read more about the iDiGi 138 plan on their website here.

3. Best Heavy Duty iPhone 5s Plan: Maxis’ iValue 3 Plan

Compared to the rest of the competition, the iValue 3 plan gives you the most for the best price. Every month you get 6GB worth of data, 1500 mins to all lines, 1000 mins to all Maxis lines, and 1000 SMSs. With a total cost of RM6,599 (initial purchase+monthly fees) for the 24-month contract, this plan is a winner for those who use their iPhone like an additional limb. While DiGi has a cheaper heavy-duty plan, the value that you get just isn’t as great as what Maxis offers.

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You read more about the Maxis iValue 3 Plans on their website here.

4. Best iPhone 5s Data Plan: Celcom First Prime 98

At RM98 a month, subscribers can use up to 4GB of data. This is more than enough to surf the internet, stream videos and music, send unlimited WhatsApp messages, make free calls via FaceTime, and so much more. In comparison to the rest of the competition, Celcom’s data quota is double or even quadruple that of the rest of the plans in the same price range. Additionally, Celcom has excellent network reliability throughout the country, which guarantees that you’ll be connected no matter where you go.

 InternetCallsCost per month (RM)
Digi10GBUnlimited to all networks80
Celcom5+5GBUnlimited to all networks80
Maxis10GBUnlimited to all networks128
U-Mobile10GBUnlimited to all networks70

You can read more about the Celcom First Prime 98 plan here.

Overview of iPhone 5s Plans in Malaysia

In case you want to know all the options for an iPhone 5s plan in Malaysia, we’ve given a breakdown below.

My Maxis iPhone 5s Plans


First up, we have Maxis. If you go with Maxis, you’ll get good coverage along with good 3G/4G network reliability in most places throughout the nation. Maxis’ iPhone plans are pretty average compared to the rest of the competition, but you’ll get what you pay for in terms of service quality. Take a look at their plans below:

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*If you are a new Maxis customer or a customer that hasn’t been with Maxis for more than a year, you will have to pay Maxis the advance payment fee on top of the price of the iPhone. However, the advance fee you paid will be refunded to you over the course of 5 or so months in your monthly bill.

DiGi iPhone 5s Plans

If you opt to go with DiGi, you’ll get decent cellular and mobile Internet connectivity throughout most of Malaysia’s urban areas. Additionally, the total cost of their plans (including the cost of the iPhone 5S) tends to be cheaper than Maxis. In fact, Digi’s plans seem to fill the gaps left by Maxis’s iPhone 5S plans. In essence, DiGi provides customers with a cheaper iPhone 5S alternative to Maxis. Check it out:

Accommodation Rate (For maximum 8 guests inclusive breakfast, 24-hour service from on-site crew, access to all facilities and only to your chosen 2 villas)
Kantan 1/Kantan 2Kunyit/Halia
2D1N WeekdayRM2,200RM2,000
3D2N WeekdayRM4,200RM3,800
2D1N Weekend RM3,500RM3,100
3D2N WeekendRM6,500RM6,000

*Those who opt for any DiGi plan will have to pay an upfront payment depending on the plan they choose. This payment will then be refunded to you over the course of your 24-month contract, via your monthly bill. E.g. iDiGi 138 (RM1,080/24 = RM45 off monthly bill)

Celcom iPhone 5s Plans

Celcom claims to have the best network coverage in the entire country. Data heavy users should choose Celcom, not only for network reliability but also because they offer enormous data quotas. Here are the plans that Celcom offers.

Affected roads 
Jalan TraversJalan Hang Kasturi
Jalan DamansaraLeboh Ampang
Jalam MahameruJalan Tun Perak
Bulatan Hishamuddin Jalan Dang Wangi
Jalan LembahJalan Tunku Abdul Rahman
Jalan perdanaJalan Kuching
Jalan KinabaluBulatan Dato Onn
Jalan HishamuddinJalan Parlimen
Jalan CenderasariJalan Mahkamah Persekutuan
Leboh Pasar Besar

*Just like Maxis and DiGi, Celcom requires new subscribers to pay an upfront fee. This fee, however, will be credited to your first bill.


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Something else worth pointing out is that Maxis and Celcom offer 4G LTE for the iPhone 5s. DiGi was offering only 4G LTE for the iPad, etc, but recent rumours suggest DiGi will likely offer 4G LTE for the iPhone 5s soon:

Also, if anyone wants to learn more about 4G LTE in Malaysia, check out this Leaping Post article:

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