10 Cool Things You Can Do in Malaysia with Wolfram’s Computational Search Engine

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Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine that covers a diverse range of subjects and areas of life. From finding information about the latest TV shows, and digging up historical facts, to doing mathematical calculations, Wolfram is a powerful tool that gives more information and knowledge –again, largely information related to computation.

Here’s a list of some of the cool things you can do with Wolfram Alpha in Malaysia.


1. Find out how the weather is going to be for the day or week in Malaysia.

Although, the weather can probably be guessed by the typical Malaysian resident on a regular basis!

1. Wolfram-weather-720


2. Find information about cities in Malaysia.

When I typed Kuala Lumpur on Wolfram, it retrieved the following kind of information: population, location, local map, current local time, current weather, nearby cities, nearby airports, geographic properties, nearby features (waterfalls, mountains, etc.), nearest seas (e.g. Straits of Malacca), nicknames (e.g. KL), and notable people born in KL (e.g. Ananda Krishnan).

Wolfram Kl City Info


3. Create a chart of all your Facebook friends by linking the world’s favorite social media website to Wolfram.

This can provide analyzed information about your Facebook account, such as a percentage breakdown of your friends’ geographic locations, percentage of friends in a relationship, most common friends names, names of friends with the most mutual friends, visual network of your friends connections, and much more.


Facebook Report with Wolfram


4. Calculate your odds – Wolfram is by your side to take care of probability questions.

Wolfram Probability


5. Improve your poker game by learning the probabilities of various hands.

Wolfram Poker


6. Understand the results of your exercise regimen.

If you exercise by running for 20 minutes at a speed of 12.5 km/hour, Wolfram will advise about the fat burned, energy expended, oxygen consumed and more.

Running with Wolfram


7. Generate awesome demographics of Malaysia’s population.

Malaysia Demographics on Wolfram



8. Create a sky chart for stargazing in Malaysia.

Skychart from Malaysia on Wolfram


9. View Malaysia’s consumer price index history.

Consumer Price Index Malaysia


10. Compare buildings in Malaysia to others around the world.

10. Buildings-wolfram-720


Wolfram is a vast repository of data and facts and is capable of doing a lot more than what is listed above.

You can visit the Wolfram website here.

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Photo Credit: All image are screentshots from Wolfram, including thumbnail.

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It seems like Wolfram is a niche search engine. A “google” for computational search!

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