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Why Should Netflix Come to Malaysia? Kevin Spacey Knows the Answer

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Kevin Spacey


Many people in the tech industry are sharing a video of Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey speaking about how the video streaming service company, Netflix, will completely disrupt the TV industry.  Below is an edited version of the video.

However, what caught my attention was not Spacey’s points discussing how Netflix’s technology and business model will disrupt TV but how Netflix’s model can disrupt pirated video content.  I have often wondered what are the exact reasons Netflix doesn’t enter a market like Malaysia. Lack of financial opportunity? Licensing restrictions? Unfavorable risk to return?

I wonder this because I believe a video distribution model like Netflix has great potential in Malaysia and could greatly reduce piracy. After seeing the video below, I think Kevin spacey hits the point about piracy on the head:

Kevin Spacey comments about pirated content, saying, “Give people what they want, when they want it, in the form they want it in, at a reasonable price and they’ll more likely pay for it rather than steal it.”

To expand on his point with my own thoughts, I believe people will also more likely pay for a video streaming service like Netflix than purchase a pirated dvd at one of the many illegitimate shops in Malaysia.

Even with the music streaming service Spotify, which just launched in Malaysia this year, I know many people who now no longer download music illegally because they can now play and download songs legitimately via Spotify.

We previously wrote a post about when Netflix will arrive in Malaysia. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t seem like that will be soon. However, hopefully more people will take action in-line with Spacey’s thoughts and more quality video streaming services will enter the market in Malaysia.

What are your thoughts about video streaming services in Malaysia? Post a thought in the comments below.


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