Amazon Might Fly Your Goods Directly to Your Home

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Are you ready to have your orders delivered to you from the air directly to your home? In a few years, if all goes as planned,  Amazon orders might come flying directly to people’s home. (However, it could certainly be an even longer time before Malaysia sees this, since Amazon still doesn’t deliver all its products to Malaysia.)

Called Amazon PrimeAir, when this new drone technology is finalized, Amazon should be able to to deliver orders much faster than it is currently able to. It is said that these octocopters will be able to deliver orders in half an hour from when you make your online purchase. As of now, Amazon is able to deliver orders in 2 days at the fastest.

Appearing on the 60 Minutes show on CBS, CEO Jeff Bezos said that the project is in the experimental stages right now and will not make its debut before 2015, at least in part due to FAA regulations. But even then, it will probably be a few years before we will be able to see the Amazon PrimeAir put to commercial use. Jeff Bezos himself gave a time frame of 5 years. But he also added that the technology will work; he says it is going to happen, and it will be a lot of fun when it finally starts working.

Jeff Bezos said that the company’s plan for the PrimeAir is to use it to make light and quick deliveries, within a ten mile radius. The drone will be much greener than trucks, because it will run on electricity. The drone will find the customer using GPS coordinates that the customer gave at checkout.

But Jeff had a word of caution. He ended the talk by saying that the company’s first priority is safety and they will have to get that nailed before they can start using the drone technology. He said, he did not want the drone to fall on people’s head.  Touché to that, Mr. Bezos!

Personally, with the drones’ current design, I think their fiercely rotating blades look like something from a Sci-Fi film, which could do some gruesome damage if not managed properly.  It’s also worth pointing out that this Amazon announcement is being released right around the holidays – a major buying season. Thus, some speculate this may just be a well timed PR stunt to get everyone talking about Amazon.

You can watch the full interview on CBS here.

You can watch the video below showing an example of the drone delivering an order.





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If that thing came flying at me while I was outside, I’d run. Why would I want to risk my head getting cut off?

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