Google Music Timeline: The Popular Music Over the Decades

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Do you love music and love discovering new artists? Do you want to know how your favorite artists and musical genres have fared over the years? Then check out the new Music Timeline just released by Google. At a time when other publications were publishing lists on their favorite albums of 2013, Google launched its Music Timeline that maps the history of music on a colorful graph. This interactive timeline was developed by Google’s research department and its release was announced on its blog on 16th January.

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How can you use it?

The visualization is created based upon information on the albums and artists that Google Play users have in their music libraries and from aggregated data from Google Play Music. The Music Timeline maps the popularity of genres and artists way back till the 1950s as information before this time was too sparse to create proper graphs and visualizations.

The thickness of the stripes on the graph represents the popularity of the genre at that particular time period. You can click on each stripe representing a particular genre to see how its sub genres evolved and became popular. At the bottom of the visualization, you will see a list of artists that were most popular among that genre or sub genre. You can read about these artists or even navigate away to listen to their music on Google Play. The Music Timeline also maps the careers of any artist. Looking at the stripe that represents Los Del Rio, which looks like a pink diamond, it is easy to understand that they had only one hit in 1995 – Macarena.

The shape of the stripes of each genre shows how its popularity rose and sunk over the years and this makes it easier for you to know if this genre is a recent phenomenon or not. For example, electronic became popular recently whereas the Blues and its artists like Ray Charles were very popular in the 1950s. You can even learn the lingo used in various genres and how musical vocabulary has changed over the years.



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