100 Most Beautiful Songs, According to Reddit Community

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All it took was one innocuous post on Reddit 11 months ago. A Redditor questioned the Reddit community about the most beautiful song they had heard. Soon a steady stream of messages started pouring in. At the time this post was written, more than 9382 Redditors had given their opinions. Finally, a Redditor poured though the messages to come up with the 100 most beautiful songs (Reddit list). The result may suprise you.

Except Radiohead’s ‘How to Disappear Completely’, none of the top 10 songs are what you might call ‘mainstream music’. Have you heard Debussy’s Claire De Lune? It ranked as the number one most beautiful song from the Redditor votes.  While you may not recognize the song by its name, you’ll probably recognize the tune from various Hollywood movies.  What’s your favorite song on the list? Post in the comments below.




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Source: Reddit via Mashable


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Kristine Lauritzen Fellows

clair de lune, scarborough fair, to build a home –thanks for fabulous list

Ben Hock Seng

Agreed. Also, I really like Radiohead, Brian Eno, and Sigur Ros.

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