Google Launches Smartphone Prototype with 3D Sensors: Tango

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Project Tango

Google never seems to take a break and is forging ahead by creating spectacularly advanced products. Just after leaving consumers buzzing with its Google Glasses, the company has announced that it is developing an advanced smartphone enabled with 3D sensors, dubbed Project Tango. Project Tango is the latest smartphone project of the internet giant’s ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) group.

What is Project Tango?

The technical lead of ATAP, Johnny Lee, posted in Google+, saying the aim of this project is to allow mobile devices to gain a more human-like understanding of motion and the space around us. The prototype is a five-inch long smartphone that has the Android operating system  and several 3D sensors. These sensors can take over a quarter of a million readings and measurements per second of the space and motion around it. In the future, its developers think that these sensors will have a number of applications, especially for indoor navigation and gaming.

Release Limited to a Select Few

The Project Tango smartphone is still under development and the company has announced that the first few prototypes will be given to a select few developers. The first 200 prototypes will be launched by mid-March and will be distributed to developers who have been selected by Google. Interested developers who want to lay their hands on these smartphones can register on the Project Tango website.

Companies that are into game development, navigation, data processing and mapping application development will also receive some of the early prototypes as per Google. Some devices will be kept back to help create new applications that have not even been thought about yet.

Watch this Video Introducing Project Tango


Photo Credit Project Tango

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