Sony Smartband Now Available in Malaysia

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Sony-Smartband-14Jan14-718Sony’s SmartBand is finally available in Malaysia. The SmartBand SWR10 is listed on the Malaysian website of Sony Mobile with an asking retail price of RM399. The SmartBand not only keeps track of your fitness, but also alerts you when a message is received on your phones. Sony has termed SmartBand as a “life-logging accessory” which has the capability to keep track of everything the wearer does.

Launched in CES 2014, the Sony SmartBand, when coupled with the Lifelog Android app, can track your activities. The device can track your movements, the things that you have shared and the pictures you have taken. You can view back all your activities on the timeline and discover when you were the most active. Enjoy the pictures you took throughout the day and watch your lifestyle replayed back in a colorful, animated and fun interface.

The SmartBand has a removable Core, which is incidentally the smallest product made by Sony in its manufacturing history. The Core has the capability to connect to an Android smartphone via Bluetooth or NFC. The Core and the Lifelog work in tandem to track the activities of the user. The SmartBand is available only in black.

It will be interested to see how people respond to the device. Nike was one of the market leaders of the fitness band; however, they’ve now decided to discontinue their product. Some say there will be more fitness bands that will fall, and some suspect that Apple will be release an iWatch. This would allow Nike to focus on its application, rather than the hardware.

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Photo Credit: Sony Xperia

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