Birdwatching to be Major Tourism Product in Malaysia

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Birdwatching to be Major Tourism Product in Malaysia

That’s right, Malaysia’s tourism industry plans to include birdwatching as a major tourism attraction, to help generate more income for the hospitality, transport and food industry in Malaysia.

According to Tourism Malaysia’s deputy chairman Datuk Seri Maznah Mazlan, this activity has the potential to develop into something big considering the substantial number of enthusiast it attracts. According to Maznah, in UK alone, the number of birdwatchers had reached a whopping 1.6 million, while in the US, there are over 30 million birdwatching enthusiasts!

Birdwatching is also not a cheap activity. According to Maznah, a study in the UK found that bird enthusiasts are willing to spend up to 5,000 pound sterling for each watch. This includes the money spent on trip preparation and air travel.

Examples of viable birdwatching location would be the Australasian route used by migratory birds from Siberia, Russia and islands of Japan as a stopover. Migratory birds’ aside, Malaysia alone has more than 700 species of local birds!

Source: The New Straits Times

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Tatiana Breger

I have made sure that II planted lots of flowering trees, there was only lawn. I have attracted so many birds and they so sing to me . It made a big difference in such a short time.

Dominic Sio

what bird when all trees are chopped and eco destroyed

OneJohn Smith

really—– meanwhile thailand cleans up. while malaysian east coast gets more taliban by the day

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