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Why Choose Tilney as Your Investment Manager?

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This article is brought to you by Infinity Financial Solutions.

It’s a common misconception that financial planners are expected to analyse and select funds within their clients’ portfolios.  So what does a financial planner actually do?  There are a multitude of factors to consider when building your personal financial plan, ranging from ensuring sufficient protection for the entire family, all the way through to inheritance tax planning to ensure you leave as much as possible to your loved ones, rather than the taxman.  A financial planner is qualified to highlight the liabilities you face both now and in the future, calculate required targets to work towards for forthcoming events in your life, advise on the most suitable solution for each need, and monitor the progress along the way ensuring the goal remains on target.

There are a vast number of different products and solutions in the international marketplace which can be overwhelming going at it alone, so it makes sense seeking advice from a professional.

When it comes to the actual everyday management of the portfolio though, a financial planner simply does not have the time, resources or expertise to actively review asset allocation, sector and geographical exposure, and fund manager selection who add value over and above their individual benchmarks.  In fact, the majority of fund managers actually destroy value against their benchmarks and you’d often be better off in a passive fund (ETF or index fund) instead, so it takes constant monitoring and research to ensure that any selected manager is consistently adding value net of their fees.

Unfortunately, many international financial planners fancy their ability at portfolio construction/management.  We don’t.  Infinity Solutions Ltd turn to award winning Wealth Managers Tilney Group to manage our clients’ portfolios.  Tilney have a range of investment services each underpinned by a disciplined, rigorous investment process and delivered by some of the UK’s most experienced and highly qualified investment professionals.  They undergo frequent asset class allocation committee meetings, 400 face-to-face fund manager meetings per annum, and boast a 180-year history, winning numerous awards from the likes of the FT and Investors Chronicle.

Several of Tilney’s Directors visit Infinity Solutions and our clients in Malaysia every year, and in May hosted a very informative and enjoyable couple of seminars in KL and Penang.

If you’d like a second opinion on your investment portfolio or would like to learn more about how Tilney work, feel free to get in touch to arrange a non-obligatory discussion.

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