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Coffee Morning with King Living – A Recap

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Another wonderful coffee morning session was held at King Living, IPC Shopping Centre on May 23, where a significant number of people turned up to check out the furniture there. This time around, King Living offered guests the opportunity to experience the quality and comfort of furniture that’s fit for a king!

Offering supreme quality and modern designs on luxurious furniture, King Living’s furniture has been the pick of those who appreciate art and comfort. Starting at 10am, guests helped themselves to food and coffee, sponsored by King Living, as they checked out the furniture on display while mingling and getting to know others from the community.

Later on on the morning, lucky draw prizes were given out, courtesy of King Living as well. Suffice to say that everyone present thoroughly enjoyed themselves with light hearts and a full tummy when the event ended about 12pm.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our next coffee morning session!

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