5 Great WiFi Boosters in Malaysia to Improve Your Signal

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Wi-Fi boosters (also known as extenders or repeaters)  are designed for one main purpose: to enhance and extend your existing Wi-Fi connections to weak or dead zones.  In this post we highlight some WiFi boosters in Malaysia that you can buy. These devices can be great for large homes and offices and when your wireless router is placed in an inconvenient location.

However, there is a downfall to extending your wireless Internet connection over air nonetheless. The farther out you expand that wireless connection using a Wi-Fi extender, the slower that internet connection typically becomes. Although, if you’re not looking at streaming games or  videos, then you usually don’t need to worry about that point as much.

If you are keen on getting a Wi-Fi extender to broaden your Wi-Fi reach, consider buying these Wi-Fi boosters in Malaysia.

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Belkin N600 DB Wireless Dual-Band N+ Modem Router

Belkin N600 WiFi Booster

Belkin’s Wireless Dual-Band series features a sleek black design and a wide range extension that will enhance your home or office network. Available online at Lazada for RM 264, Belkin’s Wi-Fi booster can boost your network by up to 300ft, features 4 Ethernet ports, and has 3 years Belkin warranty. Although you can get it online,you can probably also get it at one of Malaysia’s local Apple Reseller store or general computer hardware shop, sometimes at a more affordable price point even.

Buy on Lazada here.

Aztech HomePlug Wi-Fi Repeater

Aztech HomePlug WiFi Booster

The Aztech Wi-Fi Repeater is simple and easy to set up. Its main goal, like most Wi-Fi extenders is to boost the wireless signals to areas not reached by router or access points. Plugging it directly into any power socket around, it will grab the available wireless connection and extend its wireless Internet capabilities. It will pickup wireless signals and bounce them off to blind spot areas where wireless signals are unstable or inconsistent, thus providing stable Internet connection in areas where Internet is needed. It also scores point in its portability and low price tag of RM130, available online at Lazada. It’s cousin, Aztech Wifi and 300Mbps Wireless Extender, is available at a lower cost of RM113.

Buy on Lazada here.


Linksys RE1000

Linksys WiFi Booster

Cheaper than Belkin’s wireless repeater, the Linksys’ RE1000 model is available at RM271 and a 1-year warranty. Like Belkin’s Wi-Fi booster, the RE1000 boosts wireless connection signals up to 300ft, riddling the Internet dead zones. Similarly, its small size allows you to easily place it on a desk or directly plug it into a power outlet. One Ethernet port on the bottom of the product allows for a simple plug-and-use functionality that can be valuable when using it for different locales. This Wi-Fi booster supports and transmits speeds of up to 300 Mbps.

Buy on Lazada here.


D-Link PowerLine Wireless N Extender

D-Link WiFi Booster

D-Link competes with Aztech in the plug-and-play department, offering a Wi-Fi extender that is also easy to use and a great wireless Internet extender. D-Link PowerLine Wireless N Extender provides high-speed data streaming of up to 500 Mbps, an encrypted secure network sharing, and data transmission of electrical wiring, turning every potential power outlet into a potential network connection around the house or office. Available for RM 154.50 at Lazada, it also features a 1-year warranty. The website also offers a different variant of D-Link’s wireless extender, called the HomePlug Single, which costs slightly cheaper at RM 93 and offers a different sort of construction.

Buy on Lazada here.

AirPort Extreme (Extra Mention)

Apple AirPort Extreme

Apple’s latest AirPort Extreme wireless router isn’t exactly a Wi-Fi booster per se. It is more of a beefed up version of its older cousin, the tinier more compact wireless router called the AirPort Express. The AirPort Extreme has 3 Ethernet ports, dual-band connection to take advantage of all wireless frequencies, which gives you better connection strength and allows up to 50 users at a given time.

Available at RM649 from the Malaysian online Apple Store, it is a great way for Mac users to connect to powerful Wi-Fi signals around the house or even a small office. The AirPort Extreme is a different solution than buying a Wi-Fi extender, as it already boosts the signal from the main power source.  Thus you hopefully won’t need another Wi-Fi booster.


Buy on the Apple Store here.

Here is a quick guide from TM’s UniFi department about how to set-up WiFi extenders.

Which Wi-Fi boosters in Malaysia do you recommend? Post a thought in the comments below.



Photo Credit: Lazada and Apple Malaysia

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Great article, very informative and precise. Two questions though, how many of these are still viable options in 2015? and are there better & more reasonable options available in the market today?

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