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Spotify Now Lets You Stream Songs for Free on Mobile Devices

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If you are a fan of Spotify, the online music streaming service, there is some good news for you. In a recent event at the company’s New York headquarters, Spotify’s Swedish founder Daniel Ek announced that the company will stream music for free on tablets and smartphones. Previously, Spotify offered two versions: free version and premium (paid) version. Originally, the free version only let you play songs on your desktop (with periodic ads), and if you wanted to listen to Spotify songs on your mobile, you had the premium version.

Now the free Spotify version lets you stream songs on your mobile device in Malaysia, but there is a catch.


Listen to Spotify songs for free on your mobile device but only in shuffle mode

If you are using Spotify on mobile, you can choose the artist, playlist or album you want to hear, but you cannot choose specific songs. In short, the service is available in shuffle mode only. You will also hear adverts between tracks.

If you want to choose the songs, you will have to sign up for the 14.9 MYR a month, premium service. Once you sign up for the paid version, you also get a host of other services like offline mode, high quality steaming of songs (without the adverts) and Spotify Connect.

But there is a silver lining for free users. If you do not want to hear a track, you can skip the track. You can skip up to six tracks every hour. This feature is available on Spotify Radio too. Note that paying subscribers can skip an unlimited number of tracks.






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