Turn on Airplane Mode to Save Your Mobile Battery Life in Poor Network Areas

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Battery life is a crucial element of your mobile, especially when you are on the move. So, why waste your battery in areas with existent or weak connectivity? If you are traveling in a remote rural highway, the chances are that the signal is either too weak or absent. Your phone burns up a lot of battery life while searching for a signal in such areas. To help save your battery life, turn your phone to airplane mode.

Many people think that it is best to switch the phone off than put in airplane mode. The fact is that the airplane mode allows you to use other applications while switching off the phone’s radio signals. With the airplane setting, you can still access your work emails in offline mode, check your task list or take down notes that will help you meet your deadlines at work. You can also entertain yourself by watching a movie saved on your phone or listening to music. Basically, your phone remains productive in airplane mode.

If performing this task manually seems too cumbersome, you can always take help of apps designed specifically for this task. Locale is one such app and LocationBot is another option. These apps use your phone’s GPS information to trigger specified tasks.



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