7 Key Things to Know about the New Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone

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The ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has sprung a few surprises. For example, Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant, has launched three new wearable devices. It has also unveiled a 5th generation Galaxy S series phone called Galaxy S5.

Samsung President, J. K. Shin, said that with the Galaxy S5 Samsung has gone back to the basics. The phone will deliver capabilities that customers value the most. The Galaxy S5 retains the iconic design of Samsung’s flagship series and is packed with useful and essential features to deliver the ultimate smartphone experience.

1. Upgraded specs

It was rumored that the Galaxy S5 would have a 4K screen, but that has not materialized (the phone has a Super AMOLED screen instead). If you are a tech geek, the hardware on the phone will make you go weak in your knees. The Galaxy S5 has a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (2.5 GHz), 2GB RAM, 16 megapixel camera (back), 2.1 mega pixel camera (front) and 16 or 32 GB internal storage. The phone is fueled by a 2800 mAh battery.

2. Improved camera features

The Galaxy S5 has the fastest autofocus speed compared to any other phone available in the market right now  (0.3 sec). It also has advanced HDR technology (High Dynamic Range) which reproduces natural color and light. With the Selective Focus feature, you can focus on specific portions of objects and at the same time, blur the background, giving that depth-of-field sense.

3. Water resistant and dust resistant

The phone has an Ingress protection rating of 67, which means it is water resistant (up to three feet) and dust resistant. The Samsung S5 also has a few features found on the iPhone 5s, such as a fingerprint scanner (home button). You can use the fingerprint scanner to lock documents and confirm PayPal payments.

4. Fast internet connectivity

The device is powered by Android 4.4. It also contains support for 4G LTE (for super fast internet) and Wi Fi 802.11ac. Another new feature is the Download Booster, which combines WiFi and mobile broadband, to boost data speed. So no matter where you are, if there is free WiFi in the vicinity and your mobile internet is turned on, you should have a fast internet connection.

5. Features for healthy living

Health freaks will find the Galaxy S5 especially useful because it has many tools to help you keep fit. The phone comes with a personal fitness tracker with tools like pedometer, exercise and diet records. There is even a heart rate monitor. You can enhance your experience with third party applications or pair the phone with Samsung Gear products.

6. New battery power saving features

If you want to conserve battery life, just switch on the Ultra Power Saving Mode which will  shut down unnecessary features, minimizing battery consumption.

7. Release date

The Galaxy S5 is expected to be available globally through Samsung’s retail channels, e-commerce, and carriers on 11 April 2014. Samsung said this “global” release would cover 150 countries. We’re not certain that this first release would include Malaysia, but Malaysia has always been a priority market for Samsung. Thus, we think there is a good chance it will be released in Malaysia at that time.


Here’s a Samsung-Backed Video Introducing the Galaxy S5

Do You Want the Samsung Galaxy S5?

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Image Coutesy of Samsung

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Maheswaren Subramaniam

Galaxy S series always the best!


why is the samsung phone not have many upgrading?


I thought it had a lot of upgrades. I know the rumored screen upgrade didn’t happen but Samsung seemed to have introduced quite a few new features. What would you have liked to have seen upgraded?


For starters, the processor, RAM, and resolution. And before you say the 800 and 801 has only marginally differences, or 2gb to 3gb doesn’t make a ‘real-world’ difference, – the fact is the other flagships are sporting this. And Samsung wouldn’t have let it happen before. The other thing is probably the non-unibody construction.

I’m actually all for the gimmicks like a heart rate monitor and fingerprint sensor. But the fact that they didn’t give it the best specs available not only is disappointing, it’s not them. They’ve mellowed. This is why I didn’t want Samsung to be number one. I knew if it happened they wouldn’t innovate anymore, and instead provide incremental updates like Apple did when they were. I liked Samsung being number two because I knew it would drive them to always provide the best. They had something to prove.

Sure enough, now they’re number one, the specs don’t matter anymore. Like a conflicted parent who knows not to over-praise his child for fear of him becoming a spoilt brat, I wanted Samsung to have the drive, but never really the top spot. My guess is we can count of them being more stagnant from now on.

Ben Hock Seng

I’ve always had an iPhone as my smartphone, in which I remain a big fan. However, Samsung’s Galaxy phones have continued to gradually pull my attention.

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