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Tourism Selangor

Batu Caves inner temple | Image credit: Thanish Ahmed | Unsplash
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As the official tourism agency for the state of Selangor, Tourism Selangor is honoured to be the initiator of many local and international events, campaigns, and roadshows as well as ventures into overseas tourism trade missions.

A Selangor State (GLC) Government Link Company, Tourism Selangor encourages the growth of economic development via the pillars of Culture, Tourism, Malay Tradition, and Heritage. Promoting Selangor as a destination for holidays and events, many efforts to draw visitors to destinations around the state are done with major projects of sporting, arts, cultural, and business-related activities.

Focus areas of Tourism Selangor’s tourism product development include:

  • Tourism Infrastructures
  • Tourism policies and regulations
  • Eco Tourism
  • Host Community Programme & Community-Based Tourism
  • Cruise & Aviation
  • Education & Medical Tourism
  • Tourism Technical Product Visits


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