DiGi Finally Announces a Smartphone Plan with 4G LTE

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Better late than never, right DiGi? As we anticipated in in January, the key Malaysian telecommunications company finally announced that it would make its high-speed 4G “Long Term Evolution” (LTE) plan available for smartphones. The announcement comes almost eight months after the telecom giant made the LTE plan available for Malaysian broadband and tablet users.  

Presenting three new DG SmartPlans

DiGi has axed two of its former plans (SmartPlans 58 and 88) for post-paid customers and replaced them with SmartPlans 50, 78 and 108. You can get SmartPlan 50 for MYR50, SmartPlan 78 for MYR78 and SmartPlan 108 for MYR108.

A new subscription to any of these plans, will provide you access to voice, SMS and data benefits of the high-speed 4G LTE network, immediately. However, if you are already subscribed to any of DiGi’s postpaid plans (subscription made before February 25, 2014), you will have to wait until April to enjoy the benefits of 4G.

In addition to the three newly-introduced plans, all of DiGi’s existing postpaid plans now offer increased data. As is typical with all of DiGi’s postpaid plans, SmartPlans 50, 78 and 108 divide their data into two quotas based on usage – one for Mobile Internet and another for Smart Apps. The three plans also pack in some additional features that allow you to:

  • Make unlimited calls to others on the DiGi network, over the weekend.
  • Use the WhatsApp messenger, unlimited.
  • Stream music on Deezer, free and unlimited.
  • Surf the web using Opera Mini, unlimited.
  • Use the Visual Voicemail feature by DiGi for free.
  • Avail an antivirus software (Norton Mobile Security), for free.

Using 4G LTE on your smartphone

According to DiGi, all you need to do to use LTE on your post-paid smartphone is:

  1. Ensure that you have a phone that supports LTE technology.
  2. Have a USIM card in the smartphone.
  3. Be under the company’s LTE coverage area.

All three check? Then you’re all set to utilize the high-speed 4G LTE which boasts of speeds at least 10 times higher than 3G. But what if you are a pre-paid customer? You may have to wait for a long time. DiGi CMO Christian Thrane said the LTE would be made available to Malaysians that have subscribed to DiGi’s pre-paid plans “sometime in the future”.

Given the eight months it took for DiGi to leap from post-paid tablets and broadband to post-paid smartphone, how long it would take to shift the plan to pre-paid is anyone’s guess. Plus, if waiting is not your style, you always have the option of switching over to any of its post-paid plans, the cheapest one starting at MYR50.




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