Is This a Hint at the iOS Watch?

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The iOS8 screenshots may just be able to point us in the right direction of what Apple’s next big project the ‘iWatch’ may be all about. Released by Mark Gunman of 9to5 Mac, these screenshots show a Healthbook application that is an original for iOS8.

iOS8 is the next version of the operating system for iPhones, iPads and iPods. The iWatch project is still in its initial stage, but experts suggest that an iOS run by a device in addition to biometrics and iOS integrative features may be expected this year.

There is quite a lot of talk and speculation about the nature and look of the impending release of the smartwatch by Apple. The information that we now have due to the screenshots just point at the applications that already exist via Jawbone and FitBit. However, the sleek and game like look of the application may just be able to convince people to adopt the Apple version.

But there is a special Healthbook application feature that has the potential to catapult iWatch into the limelight. The Healthbook is programmed in a way to keep track of fitness and health elements like blood sugar levels, hydration levels, blood pressure, physical activity, sleep, nutrition, weight, oxygen saturation and even the respiratory rate. If these speculations are correct, we will shortly have an all in one fitness-tracking device that could make the existing technologies obsolete.

This much anticipated app release is Apple’s maiden foray into the health and fitness industry. The Healthbook app is expected to be made public in San Francisco at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June. The company’s recent associations with Dr. Roy J.E.M – a sleep expert from Philips Research, Jay Biahnik – fitness guru from Nike, and Angela Ahrendts – former CEO of Burberry has more than satisfactorily advertised its interest in the fitness world.

Now, it’s just a wait and watch game, literally. A much waited release and rightfully so.

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