Spotify’s New Redesign is Simple and Captivating

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Spotify-1The no-nonsense jukebox interface of Spotify has been an important part of its appeal. It made streaming music as simple as using a digital music player. Its design, however, has remained the same since its launch back in 2008. In recent times, this look was starting to appear a bit dated. ‘Click to play’ isn’t the most sought after feature any more.

New design

Spotify has taken note of this, and this week rolled out its most radical design to date. It will feature a complete revamp across platforms – web, mobile and desktop. Plus the identity will now be uniform across platforms. To begin with, iPhone and Mac users will be greeted with the new look. Android users will soon be on-board as well.

New rounded iconography and buttons have been added as part of the design revamp. It complements the Spotify logo, which itself was redesigned last year, much better. A new and fresher font has been incorporated. The artist pages will now feature larger photos, and the color scheme mood has been considerably darkened. This really helps to highlight album art. As they themselves say ‘Spotify paints it black with new look.’

Explaining why Spotify decided on a darker theme, Michelle Kadir, director of product, said that the darker theme provides an experience similar to a movie theater. The lights get dimmed and the music is brought to the forefront.

Minimalism in design is hard to master, but if the style is done right, it can prove to be a game changer. Just look at the iPhone. Spotify has always sported a relatively cluttered interface. This design update takes Spotify in the minimalistic direction, which is perfect.

The uniformity across platforms is another key element of this revamp. Most people use Spotify on two or more platforms: mobile and desktops. The visual experience of the listener needs to be the same on each of these platforms. And this design change will bring that familiarity to Spotify across platforms.

New experience

The new look will capture your attention to begin with, but what will really impress you is the brand new ‘Your Music’ feature. It gives you complete control over how to organize, save and browse music on Spotify. You can do so based on artists, albums or songs. In the old Spotify, all music starred by the user was placed under one category and navigating became a frustrating experience. The music discovery element of the ‘Browse’ feature has improved significantly as well. Now, listeners will have access to more localized and customized content. This has been made possible by Spotify’s acquisition of The Echo Nest, a music data platform.

Spotify is currently working on improving the social experience of users. Constantly staying ahead of the game is crucial as the music streaming industry and music discovery apps segment is full of competition. Spotify seems to be leading the pack with style.

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