Malaysia Defends Broadband Speeds

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The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) disagreed with reports of the Malaysia’s broadband being slow. It said that the same research threw up different results according to the various methodologies being used.

This denial came in the wake of a report published by Ookla, a web centric network applications identification and broadband testing company, which compares the line quality, download and upload speeds of broadband connections. The report revealed that general speed of the Malaysian network is markedly slower as compared to Cambodia and Vietnam. Myanmar is the only country lagging behind Malaysia in this respect.

According to Datuk Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi, the Chairman of MCMC, different techniques yield different results. He pointed out that, going by the test done by Ookla itself, average speed of broadband connection in Kuala Lumpur was 6.92Mbps and Pantai clocks the high average of 21.84Mbps. He added that the results were dependent on the location of the tests and the number of cities incorporated into the calculation.

He also stated that Malaysia has an excellent market of Internet Service Providers. It is apparent, he said, that when speed tests are completed, the results average out. Sharil noted that MCMC has been striving towards  upgrading the quality and speed of broadband connections through a number of initiatives.

According to the MCMC head, the company’s broadband plans encompass Malaysia as a whole and are not just confined to individual cities. The objective of the MCMC is to make sure that every Malaysian citizen enjoys quality internet connectivity.

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Source: The Star

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Salahuddin Ayubi

Malaysians have been suffering with overpriced slow internet connections for so long… I wonder when we’ll see a 1gbps internet connection here which would probably be overpriced as well •_•

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